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Kopper Kitchen Family Rstrnt

601 W Saint Charles

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Detail for Kopper Kitchen Family Rstrnt : Restaurant, American

Out of all my years of going to Kopper Kitchen (I have been going there since i was a child) I dont remember one time I have had a half bad experience. The food is great and the service is great too. I go there everyday after work for one of thier cheeseburgers and/or thier CHICKEN DUMPLING Soup on Mondays! The chicken dumpling soup is great! Also when I dont have time i can call in my order to-go so i can get my food and eat at home while finishing office work. Also i always recomend their chocolate cake with a scope of vanillia ice-cream. The chocolate cake is my favorite cake of theirs but if your not a chocolate kind of a person thier pies and other cakes are just as great. When I stop in for breakfast I enjoy thier breakfast skillets. All of thier food is great and the enviorment is too. I love going in. What can i say its a really great restaurant and you should visit it. - Martha, 02/17/2008

Kopper Kitchen in Elmhurst has the best food, a great menu,and excellent service. My favorite breakfast dish is their Skillets. If you dont know what to order definitly try their cheeseburgers. They are fantastic. It is a wonderful restaurant to visit with your friends and family. Also its great food anytime plus they are open 24 hours! - Karen & Frank, 02/06/2008

Kopper Kitchen is the best restaurant in town. They have good food and very good service. Everyone is very nice and if you need something, they are always at your needs. I advice that if you are looking for excellent food and great service...visit Kopper Kitchen!!! - kelly, 11/17/2004

This is the worst restaurant I've ever visited. I will never be back. From near non-existent service to extremely uncleanliness to food that simply did not taste right. Complaints upon exiting the place only got rude comments from the people at the register. I advise that diners avoid this place. - Fred, 09/25/2004

A wonderful family establishment in Elmhurst that serves the best pork roast with sauerkraut and dumplings on Thursdays. Another favorite is the Friday Nite Fish Fry which includes soup and salad. The fish is Haddock and the breading is crispy and flavorful. They also make great/fresh coffee no matter what the time of day it is. A must visit if you looking for great food and affordable prices in the Elmhurst area. Delores & Hans - Delores & Hans, 01/15/2001

Pork and dumplings are great. Excellent fresh coffee always!!! A+ -, 01/07/2001

Recommend Monday's special: pork roast with sauerkraut. Also the chicken dumpling soup is excellent. Be sure to ask for the senior discount otherwise you may not get it. -, 12/25/2000

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