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La Spiaza

114 S Main St

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Detail for La Spiaza : Restaurant, Italian

This place has the ideal "coffee house" environment. Finally! A coffee house that prides themselves on a nice setting. However, their coffee is absolutely wretched. I went in one day and the girl at the counter filled my coffee cup, put it in the microwave, and then served it to me. - Bob, 02/21/2007

La Spiaza is one of the best independent coffee houses around. Great atmosphere, great unique drinks and food items. Free Wifi, great art and music. Voted top coffehouse on several occasions - Tony, 06/29/2008

The person that said the coffee was "wretched" and "warmed in the microwave” must have been having a bad nightmare. I go there often and have never had that to happen. La Spiaza isn't likely to win an award for their food or drinks is true. However the coffee and all the other choices are more than adequate. It's the quaint atmosphere that makes the place however. We find it always very relaxing. Come to think of it I have never seen a female behind the counter. You got a temp my friend. - Melvin of Wheaton, 06/10/2008

We love

Wheaton , La Spiaza

this unique family-friendly neighborhood hang out. They supply a large selection of games, regular live local music artist and free wireless internet. I love coffee from "Big SB" across the street, but I can get that anywhere. La Spiaza is a refreshing change.
- Godson, 06/10/2008

A wonderful place to kick back with a mocha and study or meet up with friends. As of 2004, there's almost nowhere like it anywhere in the suburbs: Couches and coffee tables, incandescent lighting, eclectic music.... Just the place you think of when you think of a coffee house. The only negatives I can think of are that they're only open until 10pm and, if you're religiously ambiguous, you'll probably want to give some of the live music on Friday and Saturday evenings a miss. For a younger crowd and lots of cigarette smoke, try the Ashbary Cafe in Willow Springs. They're also open until 1am. - Dave Gore, 02/16/2004

It is the most cozy, wonderful place to meet a friend or friends if you are looking for a delightful pastry accompanied by a generous, warm, delicious beverage. The entire

Wheaton , La Spiaza

staff will make you feel like family. The atmosphere and food both, will keep you lingering. Creative custom dried floral arrangements in the back of the shop ads a feeling of comfort with the touch of nature. A must visit for everyone. It's a good thing
- Adrienne, 02/02/2004

I love coming to this quaint coffee shop to study and relax with friends. They also have great music on the weekends. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to go with friends, or just a place to go and curl up with a book. - Carol, 01/11/2004

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