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Luong Loi

110 N Main St

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Detail for Luong Loi : Restaurant, Chinese

They serve Chinese & Vietnamese cuisine. What's the difference? I don't know... the vietnamese dishes have lemongrass in them. The prices are in the $7-8 range. For that price, I think the portions could be bigger. I order take-out and even then the waitress acts like a drill instructor. I imagine sitting down to eat there must feel like boot camp... - Kevin, 08/01/2003

Very good food, not so crazy about the ambiance. I'm overseas right now, but I crave for Luong Loi's dishes like crazy...the food is excellent, and right now I would pay extra for the egg drop soup and the lemon grass chicken!!! I love the food there and the very reasonable prices too!!! Hopefully, they don't have any plans of leaving or changing the bussiness! - naperville resident in vacation, 06/16/2008

I've been visiting Luong Loi for nearly 10 years, and what they lack in decor and ambiance, the more than make up in food. I could and frequently do make a meal out of their Goi Cuong or spring rolls. Their dipping sause is to die for. I've eatin the lemon

Wheaton , Luong Loi

grass chicken and love that. I've tried the soups, and they're the freshest thing you'll ever eat...wear a bib...they're messy. But combine fresh veggies, and meats cooked in their own unique way, this place can't be beat
- Doc, 03/30/2007

I travel all over and am fortunate to be able to dine at many of the worlds best restaurants. Whilst not much for ambiance, I rate Luong Loi amongst the very top! The soups are absolutely wonderful as are the spring roles. Plus the price is right. I do miss the old owners, who have returned to Vietnam, but the new owners are nice too! - RB, 12/15/2006

This restaurant is excellent --- the food, the kindness of everyone there. Definitely check out the noodle soups! - anonymous, 08/24/2006

this place is great for the vietnamese noodle soup, the spring rolls are fresh and fantastic with the peanut sauce, the french ice coffee is one of a kind. The price of everything is reasonable. - wheaton resident, 06/28/2006

This is our families favorite restaurant. The eggrolls are great. - Signe from Naperville, 01/16/2006

Some of the best Vietnamese food you will find in the Chicago area. I've

Wheaton , Luong Loi

brought Vietnamese friends here and they are amazed. Contrary to other reports, I find the staff quite friendly. They are busy, though, but that is typical for small Asian restaraunts.
- Jim from Wheaton, 11/29/2005

The food is good, the price is reasonable, service is okay. Yes, I would come back and tell others. - a Wheaton's residence, 01/22/2004

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