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Olivetti Italian Restaurant

1575 N Ellinwood
Des Plaines

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Detail for Olivetti Italian Restaurant : Restaurant, Italian

Authentic Italian fare. - sys, 12/26/1999

I've eaten at Olivetti's many times and was never unhappy. The wait staff has also been very good. I don't know what restaurant these people were at but I don't think it was Olivetti's. The food is always good and their white sauce is very rich and creamy. I frequently go with seven girls and we have all been happy with many different entree items. None of us has ever had a complaint. The prices are always right also - Helen, 07/15/2008

Olivetti Italian Restorante (Restaurant) is the winner of the the 2007-2008 Travolta Family Golden Icon Award for Best Italian Restaurant in America. The annual culinary achievement awards are presented by the world famous Travolta family through Travolta Family Entertainment LLC) - Jacob Lipinski, 05/08/2008

I've been eating at Olivetti's for over 3 years and have never encountered any of the negative problems some have addressed here. The food has always been fantastic and plentiful (always leftovers), and the waitstaff has always been courteous and non pressuring. My children, family and friends who I take there have all thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to dining there. If you want a nice relaxing Italian dinner then I would definately suggest you try Olivetti's. - JoAnn, 06/25/2007

I have visited this restaurant 3-4 times, once in 2004 and then in 2006/2007. The food was great in 2004 but something has changed and the food just isn't the same anymore. - Pooja, 04/24/2007

Best Italian food I never had! My fiance and I waited 30 minutes after being given menus before we decided to leave, as no server came to our table. The only thing I could say about their food is that the bread was good, but cold. Too bad. We were thinking of having our wedding reception there. - JoJo, 10/16/2006

Olivetti is a great authentic restaurant. The risotto is really good and the antipasto plate is full of yummy meats and cheeses. The family is actually Italian and a few of the waiters are from Italy as well. It's a great family run restaurant. I have no idea why someone would say it wasn't kid friendly; the owners children are there all the time running around themselves! - Vad, 07/29/2006

We discovered this great little place after being bumped from our flight and having to stay over in Des Plaines. Cute, friendly waitress helped us order and find a good table. Unfortunately, the manager's shrew attitude toward other customers and the little waitress ruined our meal. If looks could kill! Food was okay, but not worth it. - NYC visitor, 07/17/2006

I went to Oliveti's for the first (and last) time today. I ordered takeout. Fettucini Alfredo with 3 different vegetables of my choosing. When I removed the container from the bag, most of the Alfredo sauce was sloshing at the bottom of the bag beneath the container even though I had kept the bag in an upright position and the container was still closed. The sauce on the outside bottom of the container made a mess at my desk. Also, I was only given 2 different vegetables instead of 3, and the broccoli stalks were so hard that I could not chew them, though why they would put stalks instead of chopped broccoli in a pasta dish I cannot imagine. I had asked for butter with the bread. I did not get any butter. I threw half of it away even though I generally do not waste food. - Ethel, 04/04/2005

Would not go there again...The hostess was extremely rude, we had a reservation but the table was not ready even though the restaurant was almost empty. The hostess asked us to step in the bar to wait for a moment (with a not so nice look on her face or tone of voice) and then a waiter scowled at my 1 1/2 year old daughter as he walked by with two glasses on a tray and barked at us, 'Watch it!' 10 minutes later we get to the table and another 15 minutes later the waitress came over saying she was new and wasn't told she had the table until just then. She was extremely nice but the rest of the staff made it a restaurant not to be revisited. Definitely not recommended for anyone with children. Not kid friendly at all... -, 01/23/2004

Lunchtime is always a hassle to find something light and with my own combinations. Yet, at Olivetti's I could do just that. Choosing my own pasta, sauce and what veggie's or whatever. And the prices are fantastic. You know how you dislike the snobbishness of som4e restaurants, this is not one. - darleen, 07/20/2003

Great food, wonderful atmosphere..I loved it. - Monica, 04/15/2003

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