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Original Frankly Yours

1820 W Irving Park

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Detail for Original Frankly Yours : Restaurant, American

Best restaurant around. We've been 'picking up' Frankly Yours dinners for years. You get hugh portions of first rate quality food. From the Cheesy Fries, hot dogs to the delicious gyros........with lots of meat. This place isn't like the 'chains' out there, this is real honest to goodness fresh tasty food like you've never had before. We love Frankly Yours. ps: One time my husband was short a couple bucks and the guy at the counter told us, thats okay you can pay me later. Couldn't believe the nice people that work there. (They know us by face cause we have been loyal patrons for years). Service is friendly, personal and fast Food is excellent bar none Price is very reasonable. - Claudia H, 04/14/2006

The only place we go to when we go out to eat. The food is great, but the service is the best always friendly & nice. The portions are good for the money, & they have the best fries anywhere. Great place all around. - Lisa T., 12/28/2010

Quite possibly the rudest service I have ever encountered. The customer is blamed for not checking the bag when an item was not put into the bag for carryout. Then claimed that they(Hot Dog stand owners!!) live in "million dollar" houses and they dont need our(multi-billion dollar corporation) business. In addition to the rude, obnoxios and arrogant workers, the relish looks like it came from outer space, and the fries taste like have been sitting in a bathtub for a day. The hot dogs are about the size of your finger. This place is an absolute waste of money when you have much better choices throughout Schaumburg. - Wood, 10/27/2007

ive been going to frankly yours since i was in grade school and the service has always been grate. when your there they treat you right and give you great food. the hot dog with the fries well done is my usual i love goin there for lunch and seeing all there faces fill with joy just so they can serve you and make you happy - dan s, 11/20/2006

Best dogs and fries around!! We travel over an hour to eat there. - anonymous, 11/18/2006

Tell me..... What is better than a Frankly dog on a cold day? - John, 03/06/2006

I've been eating almost everyday and sometimes 2-3 times a day at Frankly Yours. They are the most wonderful family business that I've ever been associated with. It's very difficult to know what is better...the food, the service, or the people. - Steve B, 02/27/2003

this place is great family owned and very friendly. - grizzadms, 10/05/2002

The Original Frankly Yours has great food at reasonable prices. It has a wide selection of food catering and party packages. The service is excellent. Friendly people and atmosphere. Also you can view their food menu, catering and party packages at web site: - customer, 09/04/2001

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