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Pasta Amore

2112 Winding River Rd

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Detail for Pasta Amore : Restaurant, Italian

One of the greatest Italian restaurants in the western suburbs. This is an authentic Italian eatery owned by the infamous Roberto Rovito (many many years of experience in other family-owned and famous Italian restaurants). The ambiance is like an Italian village inside. Chef Roberto and his crew are the best I've come across. There is a casual dining area, fine dining area, deli, and bar. You can't go wrong in Pasta Amore's! They also provide catering, take-out, and delivery! I recommend only this restaurant to family and friends. Everyone loves it. - Natalie V, 06/15/2006

I work in Joliet and my coworkers & I travel the extra few minutes to Naperville to eat lunch every chance we get. HAVEN'T BEEN DISAPPOINTED YET!!! - Jason Payton, 03/24/2008

My friends and I stopped at Pasta Amore's one Friday night after work. We were supposed to go out downtown after and wound up staying there the whole night! We had a lot of fun. The place was laid back and classy and we really enjoyed ourselves and the company around us. didn't have to wait long to get a drink, and we had a great food menu to choose from - how could we lose?!? People of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs: I ask you to try this joint out; you, your friends, your family, and your pickiest eaters will not be disappointed! -Mario - Mario, 03/06/2007

Went to Pasta Amore last night with my wife and 2 kids (my picky 2 kids might I add). Everyone loved it. This was my savior as it was my turn to pick the restaurant (we go to a new place almost every other night as a family outing). I bet my life on it that we will be making Pasta Amore our regular spot. I want to thank the waitstaff for their hospitality and for Chef Roberto for his professionalism and personality. I also want to say I've never 'loved' food like this before. It's a relief to have a nice, delicious place to go to when you don't feel like cooking. It's also nice that my family and I now have our 'spot' to go eat. - Ronnie R, 03/06/2007

I've tried it once and I'll try it again! I will recommend this place to anyone. - DiAnn, 01/19/2007

I really love this joint. It's an all-in-one: lunch place, dinner place, party place, carry-out/dine in, cocktails, family-friendly as well as adult-friendly, business-friendly, deli, etc. Where can you find another restaurant like this? You can't. It's just a shame it's located in Naperville (I'm in Chicago). If I lived closer, I'm positive I'd be eating out more - sorry hubby! I wouldn't cook LOL But really, Planet99 viewers, please try this place out for yourselves. It's not a hit-or-miss place; it's definitly a hit place!!!!!!!!! - Cynthia N, 11/22/2006

All I can say is 'Great'. Seriously, what word can describe my experience at Pasta's? I don't think there's a word out there that can fully satisfy my feelings about it. I had a great time there. I ate the greatest food. I had the greatest waitress. Chef Roberto was the greatest, most hospitable person I've ever met. I was GREATLY satisfied. I was reluctant to drive to Naperville but it was well-worth it and of course I will be returning. This is not just an adult place; my kids loved the food also. This has to be the only place they'll eat!!! - Madge, 09/27/2006

A friend suggested this place to me to take my family to eat one night during the week. I was hesitant to drive to Naperville at first but let me say it was a well-worth 40 minute drive. Chef Roberto, all I ask is that you come downtown! You'll be a blast I promise! I'm telling all my friends about this place. My family enjoyed it tremendously and Chef Roberto couldn't do enough for us. He treated us like he knew us his whole life. The food - mouthwatering. I can't stop thinking about his cavatelli, tomatoes and mozzarella, steak, chicken, I can go on and on... Please, try this restaurant out. It's great. - Nicole, 06/28/2006

I have not experienced one bad meal in Pasta Amore (and I've been here numerous times - each time is better and better). I have nothing to complain about. I LOVE the food, love the ambiance. Chef Roberto is hospitable as well as his waitstaff. I really feel comfortable here and if you have a business luncheon, I suggest this place. It's a family restaurant/fine dining/bar all in one. Seriously, how can you go wrong??? - Joe, 06/28/2006

This is by far the best Italian restaurant I've been to in Illinois. Pasta's - PLEASE COME TO CHICAGO! I've been dying to have a great restaurant like this in the city. Roberto, job well done with the place. I tip my hat to you. - Anthony, 06/28/2006

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