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Poor Phil's Shell Bar

139 S Marion
Oak Park

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Detail for Poor Phil's Shell Bar : Restaurant, Seafood / American

Choose from a wide array of seafood at reasonable prices. Located in the Carleton hotel, this bar-oriented establishment features something for everyone. Food that goes way beyond typical pub fare includes chicken dishes, burgers, pasta dishes, and salads. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. - Alotta, 08/28/2003

I have eaten at Poor Phil's numerous times and always enjoyed the food. My partner had a 50th birthday, and it was decideded that 5 dozen raw oysters from Poor Phil's would be one of the dishes served. I talked 3 times the week prior to the part 7/9/06 with 'Tim' (one of the managers) to order and get a price for the food, as someone else would be picking up the food for the party. On the Wed. prior to the party I was told the usual price woud be .70-.75 cents a piece. I told 'Tim' no problem and we agreed to talk to each other on Thursday so Time could talk to the Chef and tell me a firm price. I called the restaurant on Thursday and was on hold 10 minutes before I hung up. Tim did not call me as he said he would if he did not hear from me. Sent my brother-in-law to pick up the oysters. No one knew anything about them; they hurriedly shucked 5 dozen oysters, charged not 70-75 cents each but $1.87 each. Got the oysters back to the party and heard that while the oysters were good, people were complaining that there were shells in them from the hurried job of shucking. Called to complain on Monday, talked with a Manager who stated she would talk to the owner. Tim called and left a message Tuesday; I called him back on Wed. Tim's whole response was 'well, I guess there must have been a communication problem..sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted it to' I have been in the service field for years and would not dream of responding in this manner to anyone. Oysters can be found many, many places..what determines where you go is the service. May I just say..I won't be going back to Poor Phil's - Debbie A, 07/12/2006

Quite the find for Oak Park. A wonderful selection of beer. They even serve Belgium beer correctly. Food was good and plentiful however, the veggies were frozen and tasted like it too. 3 of us in the party had 1.)Snow crab V-day special for $9.99 (1lb) ***1/2 (except for the corn on the cob) 2.) Fried oyster po'boy. Tasty and satisfying. 3.) Ya know what, I didn't pay that much attention but no complaints other than how does an older woman eat a po'boy elegantly knowing there’s a strapping older man on a date eyeing her from across the room. The clientele was 35-60 or so. Definitely more room for people 25-35. A couple of gentlemen we met at the next table from out of town said the hotel above was quite adequate. Over all I'd give it a 7/10. I'm 31. Also they had internet at the bar. - D. Herlihy, 02/13/2003

Food mediocre, atmosphere and draft selection excellent. Free wi-fi access too. - Furball, 12/31/2002

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