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Ron Santo's American Rotisseri

1925 N Meacham

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Detail for Ron Santo's American Rotisseri : Restaurant, American / Sports

Great rotisserie items including chicken and baby back ribs. Baseball memorabilia adorns the walls along with over 25 TV sets. - sys, 12/26/1999

We visited the one in Schaumburg last night and as soon as we walked in and saw the condition of the windows in the door (filthy hand prints on both doors) we should of known what was going to be in store. There was no established hostess taking names(five parties waiting)and when someone did take you to your table you could see that the carpet and walls and ceiling needs a MAJOR overhaul. The waitress was doing the best she could under the circumstances. Everyone ordered the 1/2 slab of ribs and I guess with no surprise it was over cooked and maybe four ribs. A MAJOR disappointment since you see Mr.Santo commercial on how great everything is. Will not go there again even if I'm a Die Hard Cub Fan - John Canary, 09/02/2001

Only I wish that there was somewhere closer than Chicago to get one of Santos Pizzas. I still have very fond memories of eating at Santo in Rockford and being a huge fan in the 60's. I will make sure I hit the restaurant when I travel out of Chicago. Thanks for the memories -, 08/24/2001

This place has great burgers. There better than a McDonalds any day, plus a bunch of cool photos of Ron. They decorated real well! - Wade, 08/04/2001

I frequent the Ron Santo's location in Scaumburg not only for its food (the BBQ Chicken Sandwich is the best in the burbs!) but for the great view of any major football game on Sundays. Yes, I know...its a baseball themed place, but I tell you this is the best place ot catch a football game no matter what team you want to see! Go see a game there and make sure you get extra Seasoned Sour Cream for your Santo's fries!! -, 07/30/2001

This restaurant is listed in Fine Dining in the Entertainment book. It Should be CASUAL, as it is a Sports Bar. IT IS ALSO NOT HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE. There is a 'ramp' near the front door but not AT the door. Then you walk in and there are 2 steps to walk up to get into the main seating area. We were told they could seat us in the bar - - but it was so noisy, I had to shout to the hostess to be heard. That was not an acceptable alternative. There was no manager in sight nor did the hostess respond appropriately. They should be ashamed of themselves. - Freya Maslov, 07/29/2001

The pizza was good, so was the buffalo chicken sandwich. I Brought my Dad, a huge Cubs fan to Santo's, while he was visiting us from FL. (he's a transplanted northsider). We were disappointed because I thought there would be Santo memorabilia, like Ted Williams' place has. There were lots of photos, but I guess we expected more things on display. I live about 10 minutes away and will definitely stop in again. Maybe the memorabilia was moved to the new Santos in Wheeling??? Sandy Koteski -, 07/26/2000

This place has great food, staff, and deals on food. Also the staff is very competent and quick with a smile. I recomend this place to all of your viewers - Biagio Bucaro, 08/12/1999

Hello, I stoped in with my brother Frank.We had a great time.The ribs were the best .I eat out a many sportbars,but Ron`s maybe a weekly stop.Very nice people working,working to hard they must have ask us if eveything was ok and if we needed anything 10 times .I LIKE THAT ,RONNIE`S IS A EASY 3*`S. Maybe Ron will be in the kitchen next time.So I could shake his hand plus buy a cold one for a well done job both in the boot and restaurant. :-) - John Ruzicka, 01/05/2002

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