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Siam Marina

1669 N Silbley
Calumet City

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Detail for Siam Marina : Restaurant, American

Two locations: one on Sibley Blvd and the other on River Oaks Drive. I am familiar with both locations. Siam Marina has more than 100 dishes listed among the appetizers. Among all the restaurants I have been to, Siam Marina is one of my favorites. Tammy Pham made it all happen when she opened her restaurant, “Siam Marina,” in the Calumet region. Tammy Pham has showed us the differences between her dishes and other Thai restaurants. I am sure some of us had been to a Thai food restaurant once and liked it, but these Thai food restaurants are not to compare to Siam Marina. Siam Marina is filled with flickering candles, fresh flowers, pleasant music and an intimate dining area. Siam Marina has a full bar with special martini menu. The waiters are to dress in black and white or plain black. As you enter Siam Marina, you are welcomed with a lovely smile, something you do not usually get from other restaurants. Tammy has put lots of work into her restaurants and deserves the certificate that was given to her by the Newspaper best restaurants. On the night of May 3, 2003, my friends and I decided to go out for dinner and enjoy the rest of our night in a good restaurant. As we were disagreeing on what restaurants are the best, we all came up with Siam Marina because it was not far from our houses, and we all had attended the restaurant once and liked the tremendous service. We went to the Siam Marina on 80 River Oaks Center, right next to the mall. As we entered the dining room, we were directed to our table. It took us a half hour to decide on what we should order. There were so many dishes to choose from, and it was hard to decide on what to eat that night. Finally, we were ready to order our food. Pad Thai, which is only ($8.50), was my choice. It is stir fried rice noodles with chicken, bean sprouts, tofu, scrambled eggs and chopped ground peanuts in light sweet and sour tamarind sauce. My friend's choice of the night was: Curry fried rice ($7.25) mixed with beef, tomato and onion. Basil fried rice ($ 7.25) mixed with ground chicken, hot pepper and fresh basil leaves. Five star chickens, which were only ($ 8.50), stir fried chicken with baby corn, mushrooms, carrots, peapods and cabbage in Thai chili sauce. Pad woon sen ($ 8.95) mixes bean thread noodles with bean sprouts, mushrooms, green onions, eggs, shrimp and your choice of chicken and beef. While we waited for our food, our waiter kept our glasses full. As we waited for our food to come, we were discussing what appetizers we should have. My friend Jane, asks our waiter to help us find a good appetizers, which was a funny thing because it was not our first time going in. ten minutes before the food arrived, we all ordered Thai egg rolls stuffed with chicken, bean thread noodles, carrots and cabbage for ($ 3.95) for each box of three pieces. Our food arrived with a mouth- watering smell that brought a silence around the table. Everybody was looking at each other plates. It took us thirty minutes to finish all of plates. It was too much for a little price. As we finish the first plate, we waited for the appetizers to arrive. By the time the eggs rolls arrived we were already full, so we asked the waiter to wrap it up for us. It was a delicious dinner. We had it tremendous evening. We asked the waiter for the check; when he came back with the check, the total came out to be $70.00, which was very reasonable for five people plus a $ 5.00 tips. Siam Marina is a reasonable restaurant that anybody can go to. They are open seven days a week. Its hours are Sun-Thus: 11:00- 10:00 p.m. and Fri-Sat: 11:00- 11:00 p.m. They have carry out and catering. I recommend Siam Marina's to anybody who is looking for a fine Thai cuisine, excellent service and a good restaurant to go a date. Make sure you have at least $30.00 dollars when you are going to Siam Marina because there so many dishes to choose from. - Evelyne Kinha, 05/10/2003

Siam Marina is known for their fine Thailand cuisine. I have never gone to restaurant like it, but I had always heard of the place. Siam Marina has great food, tremendous service, and great energy. Siam Marina has also received several certificates from Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and the Star Newspaper for best restaurant in town. - Evelyne Kinha, 05/10/2003

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