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Sushi House

175 Jackson Ave

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Detail for Sushi House : Restaurant, Japanese / Sushi

This restaurant in the popular west suburban sushi conglomerate has something for sushi lovers and cooked food lovers alike. Reserve a private tearoom or sit in the dining room for spider rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and deep-fried Chicago fire rolls. Entrees include rock scallops smothered with garlic-red pepper sauce and surrounded with carrots. Bananas Foster with vanilla ice cream makes a sweet ending to a delicious meal. - Alotta, 09/26/2003

I recently moved to Naperville from NY and have been looking for a good sushi restaurant. This is NOT it. I would recommend staying as far from this restaurant as possible. The place has a fishy smell when you walk in, which tends not to be a sign that they don't serve the freshest fish. When we got our food, the tuna and sea bass sashimi had been cooked! My only guess is that they know they don't have fresh fish, so they sear it to be careful. However, from a sushi perspective, this ruins the food. If I wanted cooked fish, I would go somewhere else. If you are really a sushi fan, I would advise staying away. - Daryl, 08/22/2006

We relocated to Naperville about a year ago from New England. Everyone knows that New England is famous for their seafood; with it literally coming directly off the dock to your plate. Initially I was hesitant to eat at a sushi place so simply named (and in the Mid-West) however that all changed once I stepped inside. The manager/owner runs a tight ship, there is never a chopstick out of place and the wait staff bend over backwards to help. The place is always immaculate. The fish is amazingly fresh and always, ALWAYS perfectly presented. I have never had a bad meal there, nor have I ever been disappointed with trying a new dish. When you go for your initial meal, try the signature Naperville Roll, as well as the newly offered Tropical Roll. You will not be disappointed. They are reasonably priced; my opinion is that you get what you pay for. Five out of five stars from the girl from Boston. -, 08/25/2004

The Sushi House is undoubtedly THE best sushi restaurant in the Chicago suburbs. Here you'll find very high quality sushi items at relatively affordable prices, served by a staff that is second to none. - Paul, 12/29/2003

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