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Yu's Mandarin

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Detail for Yu's Mandarin : Restaurant, Chinese

Mandarin and Szechwan dishes include moo shoo pork, garlic chicken, Mongolian beef, chow mein, and noodle dishes. - sys, 12/26/1999

Yu's is by far the best mandarin restaurrant I have ever eaten at. There service is always fast and they get people through quickly. There food comes in large portions and is always amazing. Every time I have been their which has been over the last few years they food has always been the same. Amazing - Joe, 03/02/2006

Food is Awesome. Wait staff and Management are both friendly and they do smile. I can see were some people might come to a quick judgement and say they are unfriendly, but if you have ever been there you can understand with hom busy the place is on a nightly basis. They must be doing something right. - J. Bartnicki (South Barrington), 01/13/2006

Yu's is by far the best Chinese food you can get in the US. Besides the food - grab a Mai Tai while you're there. We try to get there at least once a month, either dining in or carry-out. Service not too bad, but having gone there many times we've had a few minor instances. Nothing horrible - a must to visit!!!!! - Greg R - Algonquin, IL, 10/21/2005

Food is fantastic, service is subpar. Our waiter kept coming to our table and asking 'are you guys done yet?' every 5 minutes! Definitely try the squid w/ garlic sauce. - paul y, 07/09/2005

Yuís is the best Chinese around Chicagoland but as stated before, the service could be better. Last time I was there the waitress bought out sweet and sour sauce that didnít have the top on at all. It spilled all over me, I was soaked in it. She brought me some wet towels to clean up but didnít apologize and didnít offer to take anything off the bill. True, I made no effort to complain but I was shocked that they didnít apologize to me. - heckio, 02/17/2005

Agreed with everyone here that Yu's is arguably the best chinese restaurant in Chicagoland. However -- I hope the owner is listening/reading this review -- the service can be better. The waitress is not friendy and doesn't smile. - Neil Evans, 01/24/2005

Yu's in Schaumburg, IL is one of the best tasting chinese restaurants around. The honey glazed walnut shrimp and monogolian beef are excellent ! - sig, 12/28/2004

Simply the best. - Quando Tubari, 10/19/2003

Food has become sub standard and the place has become too cheap. I wanted to order take-out, they wanted to charge 25 cent for a mini hot sauce. Last time, we ordered, asked them to make it hot, they did not and lied that they did. Have not visited that place over a year or ordered for over six months. Customer service is not very important to them. We don't recommend this place to anyone anymore. - M. PAEL, 08/23/2003

The owner was previously the chief cook for the U.S. consolate in China under George Bush Sr. when he was Ambassador there....Needless to say the food is absolutely the best Chinese in Chicago and in the top 10 in the country.......The General Tsao's chicken and twice cooked porked are better than any I have ever tasted at any other restaurant....The noodle platter is also very good, but for the serious Chinese eater....A must when in the Chicago suburbs....Expect an hour wait on the weekend.... - Jim, 08/16/2003

A family favorite! Every dish is excellent. We loving going to Yu's. Great lunch specials also. My favorite is 3 Ingredient, Hot and Sour Soup and Moo Shu Pork! Yumm - juggernaut352, 07/02/2003

Yu's is the best! Awesome authentic Chinese food, and I would know, I'm Chinese! Closest thing to the real deal while putting a modern look on the entrees. Wonderful! - Nina, 06/10/2003

Yu's Mandarin has by far the very best Crab Rangoon. You haven't eaten REAL Mandarin food 'til you've eaten here. I come all the way to Schaumburg just to eat here! - South Elgin, 04/15/2003

I grew up in Chicago & am living in NYC. Yu's is still some of the best Chinese Food I've ever had. However, I agree with previous reviewers that the service has gotten horrible. Otherwise, love the food. - Daniel K., 02/26/2003

I love YU's finest in the Scruburbs! - Schaumburger, 01/03/2003

Even though their food is superb in terms of taste and quality, the most noticeably bad side of this restaurant is that it's charging about 1.5 to 2 times the market price for everything. If you don't mind spending a little bit more, then I would recommend it. I also think their honey-glazed walnut shrimp is one of the most delicious Chinese dishes I have ever had, but it's almost 14 dollars... Even so, I get it everytime I go there. - tma, 09/01/2002

Honey-glazed shrimp is awesome, give it a shot and you'll order it everytime you go there! - myling2, 06/12/2002

I've been a patron of this establishment since the time it was a one room restaurant (next to walgreens). So at least about 13 years. In my opinion, it's the best Chinese around in the burbs. However, recently I've noticed a decline in customer service and total overall dining experience. I eat there because of the food and I go back there because of the food. The service is atrocious. - Adam Keats, 02/04/2002

Yu's is by far the best Chinese-style restaurant I have ever been to. The food, service, and environment is of upmost quality. You would be hard-pressed to find a finer oriental restaurant outside of the orient. - Marco DiGiulio, 02/09/2001

Try the Seasame Chicken, Seasame Beef, Double Stir Fried String Beans, and finish with Mandarin Ice Cream. You will not be dissappointed. - happy eater, 01/27/2001

Yuís is one of the busiest restaurants in the suburbs. This place seems to be busy every night of the week, and itís even worse on weekends. There is very good reason for it too. The food in this place is unbelievable. There is and extensive menu in both English and Chinese, that surpasses your typical Chinese restaurant. The dishes are large and very tasty. Yuís is also known for itís homemade noodles that are made right before your eyes. How anyone good give this place a subpar rating is beyond me. I recommend the Scallops In Hot Garlic Sauce or the Noodle Platter. For an appetizer, start with the Confucius Concoction. Yuís has to be experienced to be believed. (4 stars) - Dozer, 10/01/2000

I just found out about Yu's two weeks ago. So far I've had the Almond Chicken and Beef Broccoli and they were excellent. I had a hard time ordering as everything they bringing out for other tables were mouthwatering as well. I highly recommend this restaurant. It's also fun to sit at a table by the glass window and watch the chefs prepare the food!!! - LaChina, 09/22/2000

Yu's Mandarin is certainly a place with buzz. Favored among many suburbanites as the 'best' chinese around, I'm afraid I was fairly disappointed. Primarily, the service was very bad. Even though our party had decided to convene at 7 p.m., we could be not be seated until the entire party had arrived. Understandable, in light of customer turnover...but on a Wednesday night? Regardless, not only was the waitstaff curt in reply to questions, but they didn't 'check-up' on the customers as standard in most restaurants. Furthermore, I was appalled that there was no menu written in Chinese for a Chinese restaurant. Instead, the English menu was transcribed in Korean! How that makes sense for a restaurant that dubs itself Chinese...I'll never know. You will be better off seeking another chinese restaurant or simply going to Chinatown for the real deal. (rating: 1/2 star) - Joe Food, 05/26/2000

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