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Illinois Railway Museum

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The Illinois Railway Museum, as you see it today, is the result of decades of effort by a dynamic group of dedicated volunteers. All of the buildings, track, locomotives and cars were assembled here at Union on what was once farmland. The main line trackage was laid on the vacant right-of-way of the Elgin & Belvidere Electric railway. - sys, 12/26/1999

My wife, two children ages 2 & 4, and father-in-law visted the IRM on Saturday, July 19, 2003. Many of the diesel engines were running as part of the 'diesel days' promo. However, trying to ride them was a huge regular operating schedule, hour long waits after boarding before moving, and no one had an absolute answer on the schedule of events. Great idea...poor - Zack D., 07/21/2003

We visited your museum on August 25. Our party was made up of two sons, each one accompanied by a 2-year old. We had a lovely day, and enjoyed Thomas the Tank Engine very much. We rode a trolley and a steam engine train as well. It was all very enjoyable. Your museum is a very worthwhile endeavor. However, I have been trying to find a phone number whereby I might speak with a real person. I need to know if you have a 'lost and found'. While visiting, we lost an exposed roll of film. It is my hope that people visiting on a 'Thomas' day might appreciate the importance of a roll of film with train pictures, and turn it in, if found. The film in question is 400 speed Advantix film. When last seen, it was in a film container. Could someone there please e-mail me at FarmerReiss @ ? I would very much appreciate a response. Laurel Reiss Erie, IL 61250 - Laurel Reiss, 08/30/2002

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