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Tweeter Center

6000 S Harlem
Tinley Park

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Detail for Tweeter Center : Concerts

Excellent place to see a concert: every seat has a good view, and parking/getting out is a breeze. Skyboxes are available for groups of 16 - 18; they include VIP parking, separate upper deck bathrooms, and armchair service. Formerly know as the World Music Theater; renamed after the new United Audio company, Tweeter Electronics. - sys, 05/11/2001

We saw '2 hats and a red head' last night! The concert was excellent. This was not my first time at the Tweeter Center but I never visited this site before. I was surprised with the negative comments about the place. We only had lawn seat tickets (that we won) but the whole experience was great from the parking before until the uneventful exit. Thanks Tweeter Center! - Kathleen B., 05/22/2005

The Tweeter Center is awesome! I just saw Josh Groban there last night and I was very impressed with both his concert and the facility itself! Despite many complaints I heard, parking was a breeze, as was entering and exiting the grounds. The grass seats were great, also! I highly recommend the center to anyone! Accoustics were amazing, and the staff at the park was very polite and helpful. A great place to see any artist! - Joel, 08/09/2004

I was sorry to see the negative comments regarding the Tweeter Center. I had two lawn seats for the Josh Groban concert on 8/8. After reading so many negative comments I almost thought it wasn't worth the drive from Milwaukee. Luckily my son and I went and found the Tweeter Center to be an exceptional theatre. If all you're doing there is eating, yeah, it's going to cost you, but what place doesn't. As far as parking problems, none and getting out took us 15 minutes from leaving the actual lawn area to getting on the freeway. GLAD WE WENT. - Lynn, 08/09/2004

I was just there today for Warped Tour. I had the time of my life though i will say that one thing bothered me all day. Outside a band was selling some c.ds. My friends and I altogether bought 2 $5 cds and one $10. We get to teh gate to get in, and teh security makes us through them away. Even though, they were all closed, and they were selling them inside! Personally i want the c.d back or my $5... and I'm pretty sure my friends would too! - L.B., 07/27/2002

The Tweeter Center is by far one of the worst venues to see a concert at. Although the actual grounds are fairly nice, the policies there are ridiculous. They charge you large sums of money to buy tickets, yet if you purchase a ticket for the lawn section, they don't even let you bring a blanket to sit on. They more or less confiscate everything at the door, which is not only demeaning to everyone attending the given concert, but places the fans at a great inconvenience. Their food is overpriced and disgusting. And as someone that did a day of volunteer work there selling pretzels, I know a little secret. They didn't once ask any of the employees handling food to wash their hands, nor did they hand out plastic gloves for us to wear. I made a point to wash my own hands, but I can't say the same for the rest of the staff. If it is possible to give a venue a negative amount of stars, that's what I'd give the Tweeter Center. - L.U., 07/13/2001

Unfortunately most of my comments are negative in nature. First of all, tickets. I bought two tickets to the Loopfest 2001. The tickets were $27 a piece, I bought two through ticketmaster. After convenience and parking fees the total was $78. That is $24 more than the original ticket price and damn near the price of another ticket. Next, I packed the car with some chairs, a cooler with beer and food, and a grill. When my three friends and I arrived at the Tweeter center we were informed that tailgating was not allowed. That means no grills, no chairs, no food, and no sitting in the car. They informed us that if we did any of these things that the police would arrest us. So we left and went down the street to the forest preserve so we could eat. I think many people will agreee that tailgating is a big part of the concert experience. If there are laws against it they should be changed. Next, Beer, $7.00 a glass, need I say more? Finally I went to the funnel cake stand. They pulled them out a box already made and put them on a charcoal grill. When they were done they put a lot of powdered sugar on them. They were $5.00 and tasted horrible. That powdered sugar was all over my clothes. The performers were all great but if they ever want me to attend one of their shows I recommend they look at Alpine Valley for their next venue. I give the tweeter center an overall 0 stars out of a possible 4 - Dale Corbitt, 06/07/2001

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