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Blue Room Lounge

10208 N Fenkell

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I've been going to Bleu for almost 4 years now, and think it's the best club in the whole detroit area. It's the only club that will bring in electronic music artists and dj's, primarily focusing on House and Trance. I wish we could have more drum'n'bass, but I won't complain. Anyways, the club is good sized, the sound system is great, the bartender girls are really cute, and the attendees are all fun people as well. Addressing the other posters concerns, yes, you do have to wait on occasion, however it's gotten a lot better over the past year. You will find drug use at any club whereever you go, but I really don't think it was a blatant as being done out in the open like that. I find that hard to believe. So yes. If you want to see photographs and find out more information on other clubs in the detroit area, you can go to - Nick, 12/20/2007

oh my god, the area is ghetto, the bar is sooooooooo small you walk in and you are on the dance floor, i caNT SEE THEM HAVING ANY THING WORTH WHILE IN THERE, FENKELL IS A BAD AREA ANYWAY, WATTS, HENRYS, ALL THOSE PLACES NEED TO BE TORN DOWN, AND RE DO THAT PART OF THE CITY, - ms1love, 04/03/2007

I paid for VIP tickets to the Above & Beyond show on 2/16/06. I drove 3 1/2 hours from Columbus to see the show. After dealing with a 20 mile detour on the freeway I finally got there. Then I had to wait half an hour in subzero wind chills. There was no reason for a line. Once I was in they told me they wouldn't check my coat, but the girl said she'd make an exception for $20!!!! So I had to carry my coat around the club! Then a rum & coke cost me $7 in a tiny plastic cup. And to top it all off, and I swear on my mother's life, the bartender and a patron were doing drugs on the bar in the VIP lounge. I don't mind partying, but to be so blatant about it was insane. On the bar, come on! And the sound system sucked!!! I will never return to this dump. Go to Chicago or DC instead. - DCCircuitboy, 02/17/2007

After buying tickets online for a Saturday, Feb 4th Tommy Lee Party at the Bleu Room, we were held up outside in the wet snow and cold for hours due to overbooking the event. After asking a doorman why we were held outside waiting, if the bar wasn't overbooked, I was told that I should look inside myself for the answer to that question. Ridiculous after shelling out close to $700.00 on tickets to enjoy a night with my friends. - Corey B, 02/05/2006

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