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Clutch Cargo's/iLounge

65 E Huron
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Detail for Clutch Cargo's/iLounge : Nightclub / Live Bands

Magnificent church converted into a four level nightclub ! Check schedule for featured bands. Level 1: rockabilly / mambo and more; Level 2: new wave Flashback; Level 3: Funk / trance; Leve 4: Techno and house. Cover varies. Usually free before 9pm, $5 after. Dance nights are on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; catering to the college-aged crowds.

More info: HERE - sys, 07/07/2001

The basement of Clutch Cargo's bringing new waves of futuristic class with a premium martini lounge called iLounge. Double feature cult classic night Tuesday's. New revamped look and quality music, a new alternative to Pontiac's downtown club scene. 21+, maximum cover $10, club attire. Parking in rear of building. Open most nights Tuesday-Saturday, plus special events. Concerts also a possibility through CC. - Jess L, 11/04/2005

we recently attended the rocky horror play in the basement on fri oct 16th and we had a blast! it was quite entertaining and looking forward to attending one more time before its over! congrats on the performance! - kitcatnsnickers, 10/19/2009

This palce looks kinda creepy from the outside but once you walk inside it rocks!!!

Pontiac , Clutch Cargo's/iLounge

it is the perfect size for a concert. I recently went to the Good Charlotte concert and it is the best concert i hav ever been too! GREAT PLACE AND I LOVE IT and will vist again!
- Kara D, 10/17/2006

I was recently at Clutch Cargos on a Saturday night and they had this AWESOME solo drummer who was playing right along with all of the cool dance tracks! Does anybody know who this guy was?! Can I find any of his music anywhere?!?! If you can help please email me at ''. Thanks! -, 07/31/2003

my girls and i saw sum 41,authority zero, starting line, no use for a name on Feburary 20 2003 This was the BEST ever concert. many hot guys too - brandie may 3 2003, 05/03/2003

We saw sum 41 feb 20 and it was amazing! The dialogue between sets was a blast. no use for a name rocked too - jayson, 04/27/2003

Clutch Cargo's was a fun place to go for all kinds of wild and fun moments. I went to the 3rd floor where they play Funk/Trance and stayed there for about 3 hours. Then walked

Pontiac , Clutch Cargo's/iLounge

up to 4th floor for Techno/House stayed there till 2am. Went home and turned on The After Party Mix on 93.1 DRQ and danced myself to sleep with the radio going about 4:30 or 5:00am woke up with a headache and couldn't remember last nite I didn't drink but sure was tired. Anyway I'm going back Friday 2/28/03 and gonna have a good time. If you know a site where I can get the DRQ APM list of songs they played e-mail me at Clutch Cargo's Rulez......
- DJ Davis, 02/27/2003

Clutch is BY FAR the best friday night place to be!! Its such a BLAST! Bring your friends! - Jaimee, 07/13/2002

It was a great club was really cool meeting tons of different people and going to all the different floors.. The only think I would hcange is to play some more rap music I dont gte into all that techno - Kara, 07/07/2002

Hey some freinds and I recently took a road trip to Clutch from a small little town in the Thumb, All I can say was it was one of the best weekends I have ever had!! Not having much excitment in the rural neighborhood I'm from it was nice to go to a place that had some excitement and where you can just go to be yourself!!!!! - Tennille, 05/23/2002

clutch cargo's is the best place to be on friday nights!! i love it. you can act as crazy or as chill as you want. i love the atmosphere! - jen, 04/02/2002

On March 25, 2002 I went and seen Drowning Pool, Lil Nino, and Coal Chamber and it was so awesome. The place was so packed and the music was so good. It was my first concert and it was really cool. Cluth cargos is the place to be. I can't wait to go back. - littleFromTheYak, 03/25/2002

This past summer I went to Clutch Cargo's for a friends birthday. We got there around 9, and when we got there is was packed, the only place you could go to without bumping into somebody was the bathroom! It was a blast, and I'll be back again soon! - Veola Thomas, 03/13/2002

Clutch is the best for lower level rock groups. If you get there on time you can actually feel like you got floor seats to a big time concert. Some great one's i've been to were OAR, Mayer, Guster, and others. I'll definately be there for Dashboard Confessional and Five for Fighting. Great house where the bouncers arent complete crabs like some other D town places. - Trav, 02/26/2002

Yeah buddy every Friday we are there. Shakin' it all over the dance floors. We love the dj other than when he plays ODB. No more please!! We love it, its great the lights, the people, and the drinks. There is the security too, woo hooo!! John we love your sexy bald head! Look forward to seeing you guys next Friday and every Friday until we go back to the Lone Star state. - michelle and crystal(texas girls), 02/06/2002

Clutch Cargo's is tight. All floors have something to offer. From top 40 to booty house, to deep techno to house. Very nice and very big space. Highly recommended to anyone! peace - Ryski, 09/30/2001

The Bouncers at Clutch Cargos are the hottest guys ever....especially derek and Mike........damn!!! - Jan, 07/07/2001

man clutch cargo's kicks.. and if not for all the resons like its a awsome place to hang out with a great atmosher and a great location.. then surly for the fact that JOHN DIGWEED (the all time thecno legned) is taking time to stop in a throw down a crate and spin for us all.. man i cant wait to see DIGWEED this saturday night.... - Rob (morbis), 06/29/2001

Clutch is a cool club, but it's too much for people under 21. It should be $10 and not $15. The booty room is awesome! - Pokahontas, 05/04/2001

Clutch Cargos is tight as hell. My freinds and I go there every Friday. 3rd floor DRQ is the best -, 05/03/2001

Clutch is the most intelligent club I've ever been to in Michigan. Shortround rocks the house, and let's not forget about Mike Scroggs. The lights, music and atmosphere are impressive. Although, some of the bouncers are jack@$$es. Once I was kicked out for underage drinking and I had not even looked at a drink that night. Two others that looked just like me were booted too, while the real culprit was still inside having a good time! When I'm with my girlfriend and group of close friends, that kind of mistake can ruin everybody's night. I didn't go back for over a year because of that BS. Now that I'm 21 I'll never have that problem again, but maybe it would be a good idea to keep it 21 and over to avoid stupid problems like that. -, 04/14/2001

What's up all, all i want to say is clutch cargos is the hottest club in new pontiac! if your looking for a nice place to dance with all the hottest ladies in michigan, clutch cargo's is the place to be! Friday night's it's 18 & up from 9pm to 2am! and 93.1 Drq is always live on friday nights! so go check it out! Peace! any questions just give me a shout out at Thanks - Shaun, Email:, 03/27/2001

My friends and I are from Windsor and have enjoyed coming out to Clutch due to most of the Windsor bars being too alike. However, we are really disappointed that 96.3 has moved. We miss the Saturday night flashbacks. There's nothing like a change of music when you hear top 40 and techno everywhere. Too much of the same old repetitive beat! The Electronica floor is cool though. We were there last Saturday and were shocked to see that the crowd seems to have dropped to more than 1/2 of what it used to be but were not aware that it would be 18 and over night. Are Friday nights the same? Also, are there any plans in the future of 96.3 broadcasting again? I know they have moved to another bar but am just curious. Please contact me w/any info. Thanks. -, 03/13/2001

Less than Jake kicked ass there. The free water was great, and the croud was great too. - Mixchis Bassman, 03/12/2001

Eve 6 rocked Clutch Cargos, and it was the wildest show I have ever been too. The place is amazing. -, 03/11/2001

There should be LESS nights for 18+. Too many annoying little under-agers running around and acting incredibally immature. I'm so glad that I'm over 21 and able to avoid that dump and go to the real bars! - Anon, 03/05/2001

I have a few daughters that have bought tickets for March 8th for O-Town. They are only 13,15, and 17 and I'm alittle nervous of letting them go. The concert says all ages.Please let me know if this true? General Admission tickets are also a concern. How do you limit your attendance? One lady wrote that this is a dangerous area. Do I have to be concerned? Please inform! Brian - anonymous, 03/04/2001

Yo! Ben and Nicole! It's Kym and Mo from Flordia. Hope things are going well at Cargo's. Come visit us soon. - kymi z, 02/21/2001

What ever happened to the Best Bartender Steve on the top floor- Sat. nights??? - Bob Z-, 02/20/2001

I was wondering if Clutch Cargo's has their own website yet, and if so what is it. Another question I have is, when are the 18 and older nights? My e-mail address is - Kyle, 02/20/2001

Hi I was wondering when your 18 and older nights are and where are you located exactly?? Thanks :) - Jamie, 02/17/2001

I am interested in spinning at clutch. I spin house but love to mix it up. If your looking for a good DJ you can contact me at DJHUTCH07@YAHOO.COM - DJ HUTCH, 01/26/2001

woohoo, MY friends and I are going here on february 13th for the Linkin Park concert. It is gonna be awesome. anybody gotta any info bout this place (like for things they got inside and stuff u can do here, email me: - James, 01/08/2001

I was wondering what age you have to be to go to Clutch Cargo? please email me - Jeff Dekk,, 01/05/2001

I think you need to put some directions under this page. But I went there last weekend and had a blast, it's a great place! - anonymous, 01/04/2001

Be fore warned...clutch cargo's and the surrounding area is not a safe environment. My son and his friends were attached and beatin after closing on the 18 y/o Wednesday. Not much fun ending up in the hospital.... - The parent of an 18 y/o, 12/28/2000

My wife and Me are in our mid thirtys. We are thinking of going to clutch cargos New Years Eve. Is there a wide range age group or would we feel out of place. We enjoy the type of music on WDRQ. THANKS - Dan, 12/26/2000

hey the club is really cool, but u should have more nights for 18 and older and u should play more r&b music -, 12/25/2000

clutch has got to be the supreme place to be for any after party or any friday night. out of all the clubs i have been to clutch stands above the rest. from bigoz43 and burbs53 - burbs53, 12/08/2000

Clutch cargos is my favorite club Ever!! it is so much fun-and a great place to go to dance and just kick back and live life a little! - Anna, 18f- west bloomfield, 11/10/2000

I just saw Rancid, AFI, and The Distillers, it rocked, i would like to know the next couple of bands that are going to play there. -, 11/07/2000

Is there anything going on for Halloween at Clutch Cargos? -, 10/25/2000

I was wondering what night 18 and over is, thanks -, 09/25/2000

I have a question....Is there an age limit on certain nights? On oct. 24 i wanna come see promise ring and i dont wanna drive all that way and be REJECTED! ;)my email is if you would please write back! Thanx - Amy Anderson, 09/22/2000

im just wondering what nights is 18 and older! thank you-my email is: - Anna, 09/07/2000

I was wonderin if i could rent out clutch to throw a halloween bash? Is that possible to rent it out? it would be greatly appreciated if one could email me back? thanks a whole bunch! - Kristen, 08/12/2000

I dig this joint, its my favorite club in the Detroit area they have tons of people there cause they're smart and advertise on 93.1 and 96.3. Friday nights particularily are my favorite, bottom floor techno baby!!!!!!!!! - John Kent (OMMHMJJ@AOL.COM), 07/07/2000

Clutch Cargos is one of the hottest nightclubs in the Detroit area. The variety of music and people make it a diverse place to hang on wednesday and friday nights. Concerts at clutch cargos are also exceptional. the only downfall i would give clutch cargos would be that the staff is not exactly pleasent and can at times be rude. - Jamie Miracle, 05/31/2000

I also want to know when the 18 and over nights address is -, 03/21/2000

hi i like to know till what time yu are open on Wednesday and what are the directions for there from dearborn MI? (detroit) -, 02/14/2000

I am writing to know when the 18 and older nights are at clutch cargo's. My e-mail address is - Amy Anderson, 01/05/2000

I love Clutch Cargo's. Where else can a group of people go and all be satisfied musically. If you don't like the music on one floor, just go to the next. I particularly like the Saturday night Flash Backs with Kruse from Planet 96.3. - Mike Shelton, 10/26/1999

Clutch Cargo's is located at 65 East Huron at the corner of Huron and Mill street. Anyone coming from Detroit or Canada, just take Woodward all the way to Pontiac...You can't miss i t. >>>>>>Clutch is now open on Fridays and Saturdays (with the exception of con certs) Doors at 8:30 - 18 and up both nights. >>>>>>Steve, the 4th floor barten der fills in from time to time, but no longer works there on a regular basis. > >>>>>No, there is no website for Cluth as of yet >>>>>>And finally...Downtown P ontiac is only unsafe if you are a drunk moron looking for a fight.... yer welc - YOBIBLEE, 03/15/2002

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