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Duchess Lounge

19211 N Van Dyke

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Detail for Duchess Lounge : Bar

Is this place located in a trailer park? - curious, 02/18/2011

The beer is good and cheap (all beer only $3), and the ladies are always working hard. Best topless value in Detroit. Period. - John, 04/26/2006

Day shift has some hotties. You want to see and experience fun, go see these sweet ladies. No cover, beer is cheap and girls are hot and fun. Not a classy joint but fun. Definite experience you don't want to miss... - The watcher, 03/28/2004

you know what the duchess isnt the worst bar in detriot and as for people saying shit about the girls i know alot of the girls that work there and im pretty damn proud to know em thier not sleazy or any of the other low down names you half drunk pukes wanna say . i know it aint the most snazzy of places and theres no big cover charge or anything but the girls are nice the beer is cold and the men need to bring more money or at least spend a little more becuase them girls work there asses off literaly and the men are men so if you dont believe me go in there and see for your self!!! - booby, 12/08/2003

I resent that remark about all of us are crack whores! Harley is a hottie and I got the biggest and best tit job in the bar and I got a big ole booty, my name is Iroc. Crystal is a hottie and so is Laura. So come see us and you'll see this man must have been bombed out of his mind to say we are all crack whores. The rest is kinda right but us girls are not all the same and we do not deserve to be talked down upon. Talk about booty outside of the bar, well hell thats all bars, not just tit bars. I like the little hole it is a cheap place to drink and get dances. See ya in the hole...ha-ha...I always got a smile for you...hee-hee:) - Iroc/one of the dancers, 11/18/2003

I think Harley looks great and there are a few more girls that have started the day shift that add to the view. Iroc is my name, I just started dancing again so come see us... The music is good and the drinks are cheap. I always have a smile for you. See you soon. - one of the dancers, 09/04/2003

Ok I understand the place is a dump, but there are now alot better looking girls there at night time especially on the weekends, and if the guy up there at the top know so much about the duchess and the girls names so well then I pretty damn sure he is one of the sleazy regulars who come in there every day, but he can critize them. There are alot of decent stuff about the duchess, and you right above, no crack whores there may be some bikers old lady's but most of them are hot. As for Harley she lost alot of weight and is hot now and would probably never give you a chance. - GIRL, 06/11/2003

Hey, they did some updates in the place. Still a hole in the wall, but for a $10.00 lap dance, where the hell else ya' gonna' go ? Quality of the ladies is low, unless Harley dropped 30 lbs. Get there before 2 in the afternoon when the lap dance area is dark and the dj hasn't started yet and maybe you'll get a handjob from huggy bear. Still wish they'd serve bottled beer, the tap shit tastes like shit. Can't believe they even have a website. - Chuck from Berkley, 05/13/2003

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