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Eastowne Lounge

46777 N Gratiot

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Detail for Eastowne Lounge : Bar

Popular nightclub and bar in north macomb county. Featuring all favorite d.j. music wed. thru sat. nights on one side and karaoke or comedian on the other side; owner Kim Devine is the best making sure everyone has a good time with her famous grill cheese sandwiches or pizza and burgers passed out to her patrons nightly for free. - sys, 03/15/2002

I miss this place. My life is not the same with out my girl. My wife just doesn't do it for me...gotta fake it though for the sake of my boys. I miss you baby. - G. Riedel, 12/30/2008

Every weekend you would know where tp find me and my homies. Love this place. Beats any other bar in town. We ALWAYS have a great time if our 'special friends' are know who you are!! Whatever you do...don't tell SUE!! - Triple G, 12/17/2005

Hey know who you are!! Wish every night was a Friday bowling night so we could see our Angie, Lisa and mom!!! We love you girls!! It's a great place to meet up with those special women you don't want your wives to know about!! - Dave, Gregg and Bill, 05/02/2005

Yeah, we OWN this place!! Friday nights with us are ALWAYS exciting!! We are at Eastowne ALL THE TIME!! Love all the bouncers....except for B...yeah you SUCK! Don't ever kick me out again! Oh yeah, and E-Love...nice goin with the 6 pumps!! Wish everyone would just realize.....'DON'T MESS WITH SWEET TITS AND SCHWAA SCHWAA.....AND VASHKA...WOOO!!' The world would be a much better place if everyone would just get this through their heads. And last but not least...don't F__K with me Karaoke B___H!! - Sweet Tits and Schwaa Schwaa, 04/25/2005

Kimmi is a crazy b___! Watch out for her, lots of police in here too. The staff changes like the weather and so does the drink prices. - me, 03/31/2005

I love ya Gregg!!!! - You know who, 05/23/2004

We LOVE this place!! The music and the atmosphere are GREAT!! We always have a BLAST on our girl's night out!! Great place to meet new people and our place to see 'our boyz'!! Gotta love the bouncer 'Rod'...he's such a sweetie!! Wish every night was an Eastowne night! See you soon! - Lisa & her girls!!, 05/23/2004

This place is the BEST!! Me and my girls were out for a girls night and decided to stop here, never having been to Eastowne before and WE LOVED IT!! The music is great, the atmosphere was fun and the boys.....OH SO FINE!! My girls and I loved dancing up on Stage and we were livin' it up! We have made plans to come back in a few weeks....WE CAN'T WAIT! Oh yeah, hope we see E-Love!! What a hottie! - Stephanie, 03/14/2004

LOVE THIS PLACE!! It's a fun place for a night out with the girls. ALWAYS plenty of men looking to have a good time!! GREAT CROWD!! I met the man of my dreams here!! - The hotties, 03/13/2004

What a place! the chics are hot! the music is great the drinks are cheap! The staff is Very friendly and you got to check it out!!! See for yourself! - the boys, 02/17/2004

I love the place its the best kept secret on the eastside!!!!! Just a Tad bit more of the older classic Dance stuff would make it a nearly perfect place to have a awsome night out!!! - Macomber, 02/11/2004

Best overall nightclub in Macomb County with a variety of entertainment: comedy, dancing, food, karoke and $1 drink specials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that make Eastowne my favorite hotspot. Do yourself a favor and check it out. - Ray, 08/08/2003

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