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Old Shillelagh

349 Monroe

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I have been going to this place for yrs. My oldest sis took me there and I go whenever I get the chance. If you ask me, there isn't another bar out there as fun as this one. There aren't any clicks, everyone talks to everyone like they are all best friends. The band rocks, Love you Billy! And Lana is great! The staff...well what can I say just rocks. This is a must if you want to have fun. A must for St Patties day too! The more people you bring the better, but even if you went alone, you would leave this place feeling like family. - KatieM, 12/06/2006

The atmospheer was great and it smelled even better than that! It's a must go for people who like to have fun when theirs other people around you. It's the bomb-diggity boy! You gotta love the sceen and its a realy fun place to be when you want to go some place, even if you're not alowed to go anywhere else! A+ place to be! - Powur, 05/17/2003

What a great place!

Detroit , Old Shillelagh

Gotta see the band. Check out the cute young guy working the door.
- Sara, 03/19/2003

This place is the bomb, especially during Hockey season. The band is fabulous, however I don't remember their name. Recomment the flaming shot of Irish Wiskey to drink down with the straw. Go with a large group and by lots of beer. Have fun!!! - Mike, 02/15/2002

This is the best place to go and celebrate, whether you've just gotten a new job or quit your old one. Lots of music, singing, and fun. It's also an excellent place to bond with people you don't know. If you haven't been there yet, you're missing out! - The Girls, 06/28/2001

If you are Irish and having a reunion, this is the place to be. We sang songs and danced on the tables here for Grandpa's 75th birthday in 1968 & at the family reunion in 1981, 1991, and now we are looking forward to July 2001. The Old Shillelagh never changes 'nor do we. We all just keep getting better! - Peggy, 06/18/2001

Crowded, noisy (in a good way), lots of Guiness and live Irish music. Isn't

Detroit , Old Shillelagh

that what an Irish place is all about?
- oydman, 07/04/2000

This is the ONLY place to be on St. Patty's Day if you are in Detroit! - McFly, 03/01/2000

This bar is one of the best around. You'll have a great time. - Dave, 03/19/1999

Old Shillelagh , Detroit

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