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St Andrews Hall

431 E Congress
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Detail for St Andrews Hall : Nightclub / Live Music

Three levels of music: Basement-alternative; Level 1-hip hop; Level 2-house and techno. For live performances, please check show listings for age requirement; cover varies. Shelter is 21+ only. - sys, 11/08/2003

The staff of this venue illegally kept me from seeing a show I had purchased a ticket,paid for parking and drove 4 hours to see.I am disabbled with a 10 year old service dog who had just been to 3 previous concerts with me and we were embarressed and humilated in public by Mike and staff.I have video available for anyone who would like to see how The Shelter treats their customers.I plan to pursue this and telleveryone I know. - with video evidence, 02/01/2008

Flite101 is redefining pop music with a playful edge; fusing rock, dance, and just about everything else with incredibly well-written songs and hooks that force you to sing along. Rick Morrone, Kylee Phillips, and Andy Leonard, are the vocal power that many bands today forget about. This makes Flite101 stand out from the crowd. Accompanied by guitarist Garret Schmittling playing solo’s that can make a grown man weep from

Detroit , St Andrews Hall

the soul, this band has the perfect sound combination. In the studio, they have come up with brilliant moves such as their self titled album, along with creating two music videos. One for their single “Fairy Tale”, and another for their new release “Someone Else’s Eyes” (you can view this video at As incredible as their debut album is, the live experience takes it to the next level. Flite101 is able to open for any venue. For samples of music or more information about Flite101, visit their website,
- Flite101, 11/25/2004

st andrews is the best music hall i have ever been to!!! Even tho i am only 18 this place has the best bands from around !!!!!!!! i mostly go to the hard core and metal shows like Bleeding throught himsa death by sterio for die or life sake taproot .... my freinds band also plays there i dunno if you guys would know them THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER!! zach gibson the drummer for that band gets big highlights st andrews is a place for bands to be abel to get out and show what they have becouse WE ARE DETROITS ROCK CITY!!! i like to thank the people at st andrews for bringing the things they do and i wish for them to keep commin - bellman, 09/22/2004

I am now a forty something and I had some of my best music experiences ever at St. Andrews and the Shelter when I was in my 20's. I no longer live in Detroit but I was overjoyed that this club still exists. While I am probably a bit too old for this club now, I hope it keeps making that magic for new generations. Ahh...the stories I could tell and the bands that I saw. - izod, 02/20/2004

First of all what can I say? St. Andrews hall is the worst concert hall I've ever been to in my life. I don't know what impression they are intending to make but it's not a good one. They treat you like a criminal when you come in, the pat down I got was more like someone going to second base with me. I understand they're trying to do their job with limited time and so many people, but kindness should be part of their job description. My friend had to give my bracelets away to some random person on the street because he set them down and one of the female staff told him to either set them somewhere outside or not bother coming in. Which means that the six of us that had cme to gether had to be separated and only on of us had all the tickets. Finally a friend of mine had to go out to the car parked down the street and put the rest fo the items nitpicked by the staff off of our bodies into the car. He almost didn't get in because it was either get in or get out. But it was ok I observed later on for videogames to be allowed in, when I asked if the staff noticed, the guy replied that they didn't care. I do have to props to the will call workers, they were polite and sympathetic. For a place that fronts itself to be so great, I've never had a crappier time. If you have any questions e-mial me at - Tamara, 08/10/2003

st. andrews hall and the shelter are so glorius i saw mustard plug at st. andrews and swingin utters at the shelter they were the greatest concerts its so fun and safe and i think anna's dad should let her go! - pat, 07/16/2003

I just wanted to let the lady who , ( i think ) runs St. Andrews hall, thank you very much! This is Megan Brewer, the girl from cleveland , OH, that you let in on Monday afternoon to take pictures. I am the huge Eminem fan that traveled there for the sunday night concert. Anyways, I did not catch the womans name, but she basically made my day, or week or year or something. THANKS AGAIN!!! And I'll be visiting soon!!! - Megan, 07/15/2003

saint adrews is so fucking cool cuz bands play there and you can get high and smoke ciggrets then dance and mosh witch brings to mind how i hate whn people sing along and you cant hear the band sing pisses me the fuck off fucking man mustard and all that cheaf smell a flower or somthing then these lesbians across the lake - En, 07/08/2003

Hello there, i went to detroit with 7 other students from Germany and our teacher told us that this club is one of the best and he was right...we had much fun in their but alcohol with 21 is a thing that wouldn't work at home.the hip hop floor was great and the whole room was full of party people...we loved our little trip to the St.Andrews and i hope to come back again. greetz to all the nice chicks dancing on tha floors and evrybody who was there... - kingkaiza GERMANY, 07/07/2003

St. Andrews is an amazing venue. How can you get board in a place with three levels of awesome music from different genres. It's so Kick ASS! - Super Duper Molato Girl, 06/25/2003

It was the best time of my life. - kinkydad, 06/24/2003

The bartenders are awesome. - That Girl, 05/30/2003

St. andrews kicks ass. I love going there. it is great for concerts. the sound kicks ass too. it is so loud. - kimmy gizmo, 05/27/2003

I have been to the St andrews hall in the past... I went and seen Something corperate and juliana Theory thier and that place does kick ass...anywhere in that place you can see the band... the one think I really dont like about the place is that you cant crowd serf and thats the best part about a concert... I know its only for safety but that place does kick ass and I will go there in the future. - Margaret, 05/22/2003

This venue is so awesome, its fun and safe at the same time. I trust the bouncers here, and whats best is that its in Detroit! I love going to concerts here. I recommend it i give it a 15 out of 10. - Lindsay, 05/19/2003

This place kicks ass. I remember it being 99cents for a beer on Friday and I was there with some friends from Canada. I walked up to the bar and put 20 bucks down for 20 beers. The girl working behind the bar goes, ' you can't order 20 beers.' I'm like, 'why not?' So she says, 'You don't have 20 hands, go get your friends.' And she proceeds to uncap my 20 beers for me. How fucking cool. Met a chick in there, can't remember name, about 5 years ago at 3 floors of fun, friday night. Everything was going good until my ex walked up and ruined it. She was from either Minnesota or New York and was heading in either direction, I can't remember. If you read this, I was the guy with short blonde hair from Vancouver. Had opportunity to see Mr. Bungle there in 99'. Parents lived in Detroit for awhile but have since moved. I'll definately miss that place. Detroit is not Vancouver, but I love it. Scotty - Scott mcFadden, 05/16/2003

The Shelter is kick ass. Security isn't too harsh and the people there are awesome. Damn I had some fun times there!The bands rock~~ - Kathy, 04/29/2003

When i seen Gob and frequency 5 it was the best ever i was real close and every one was jumping. - christopher, 04/26/2003

The shelter is NOT 21 and over.. there are tons of all ages shows there! Shelter is awesome.. its intimate yet it has room for people.. its awesome. i love it there. plus, the bathrooms arent shitty like most places - Rachel, 03/20/2003

Omg St. Andrews kicks ass. i love going there every sunday and dancing my butt off. it has ot be my fave club - Dawn, 02/08/2003

I went to see factory 81 and arizing.arizing is the best band to come out of michigan.shelter has the best soundsystem ive ever place for a concert. - Scott, 01/06/2003

There is no set age limit on St. Andrew's and The Shelter, it varies from show to show, mostly all ages. - lucky, 01/04/2003

What is there to say, i've been to st andrews hall 4 times and it keeps getting better and better. Definetly a venue for the concert-goer - kyle connelly, 12/26/2002

went to See Crackjaw and Hearsay TAO...Great Sound and lots of room! Keep it up!!!! - Tara-Lynn, 10/09/2002

Last night at the Shelter was awesome! The concert was a testament to the quaitly music in the Detriot scene displayed by great talent- in short, it rocked. First up was a the unique & energeticly powerful sond of Eden. Look-out for these guys as they are currently producing their forthcoming alblum 'Swimming in the Stars'. Next up was a very crowd motivating band who go by the name of Mindcandy. I learned that they have recently finished up recording on a 3rd album and are in the begining stages of signing with a major label. The main draw of the night showcased headliner, Rotation. These guys from Flat Rock, M.I. are always filling any house they play with a huge following and can back that up with a live-ass set that presents a tightly formed unit of musicians. Well, that's all the time I have. Any comments about the local Detriot rock scene can be posted on the website i.e., guestbroad. In the meantime,brush yo' teeth and pack a lunch. PEACE!!! - David Doig, 10/06/2002

St. Andrews is still the best venue in Detroit... this is a place that legends are made of!! Can't wait for the gomez show! Long live St. Andrews!!! - kitten, 09/30/2002

st. andrews is a good place to see a concert. i've been there several times and i think that the only thing that needs to change is how fast security rushes everyone out at the end. - anonymous, 09/26/2002

St. Andrew's is Detroit's best venue for up and coming bands. I spent my former life as a punker and going to St. Andrew's to see bands like Sound Garden, Faith No More, Danzig, & Janes Addiction. This is the best place to see a Kick Ass band give a Kick Ass show. Yes the place is dumpy but it is a classic. - Mike Ashley, 09/23/2002

The Shelter: Best Place to see a show in Detroit!! - Car Ramrod, 09/16/2002

I checked out Lit and the Handsome devils recently and they Rocked!! I love St.Andys cause of the vintage feel. - Angel, 06/12/2002

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