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Alan Manor

3203 N Peter

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Detail for Alan Manor : Restaurant, Eclectic

Located in the Mason Giradot House. Turkish/Continental/Canadian cusine is featured. Vegetarian dishes available. - sys, 12/26/1999

We had the pleasure of dining in this world class restaurant on a recent cold Friday evening in February. Upon entry the warmth was overwhelming, both thermally and personally. The host was also the owner, which is not uncommon, but he was also the presentor of the menu and the evenings specials. My wife was mesmerized by his delivery, which is a mixture of PT Barnum (in the best way) and a TV chef, like Emil Lagasse who is on cue all the time. We later discovered he is an accomplished actor in a public service programs filmed in Toronto earlier in the year. His wife is equally talented making every guest feel as a trusted long lost family member. She handled our coats and helped deliver the wine. The meal was the ideal portion and perfect blend of colors and sauces. The meats exotic (pheasant and veal and venison. Rave reviews on every aspect including the Turkish desert native to their homeland. The Mason closes at 9pm in the winter, and since we arrived at 8, we actually caused the staff to 'chill out' for 20 minutes waiting for us to depart. We were the only 4 remaining after nine oclock, not even being reminded that the establishment had closed. After desert, we actually were met at the door and asked to come back with a handshake. Try to duplicate that in Birmingham. Milsi and Dhiren will be remembered and promoted in our travels for quite some time. This kind of service unquestionably is rare on our continent, and we have experience with some of the best the World. Save this one for a special occassion-trust me. - larry ross, 02/03/2002

We had a most enjoyable dinner on my wife's Birthday on March 1st. The entree was exquisite, the service was outstanding, and, of course, the libations were mellow. I highly recommend the Mason Girardot Alan Manor for fine dining at a reasonable price. Don & Dee Dee Badamo - Don & Dee Dee Badamo - Orchard Lake, MI, 03/21/2001

The Alan Manor was, without a doubt, one of the finest resturants I've ever sat a meal at. The experience is outstanding, the food; wonderful and exotic. It's similar to being invited into a old friends home for a gourmet dinner. The Alan Manor's decor is very elegant and gives patrons a atmosphere of peace, tranquility and luxury. The food is wonderful. From the eceltic menu, to the concern for 'healthy' cooking methods, and the choice of ingredients. Alan Manor cooking is just as good, taste-wise, as any French or Italian gourmet cuisine but uses much less 'high calorie' methods in their perparation. How they get their food to taste so rich without the calories is a minor miracle. Dhiren and Misli, the ALan Manor hosts, provide service of the highest caliber. Everytime I went, the waitstaff was friendly, warm, and efficient. Now matter what high class places existed over the Detroit River, for the most memorable dining experience I'd head to Alan Manor. - Mark T. Marez, 03/21/2001

Alan Manor has been the favorite with our family for nearly 20 years. When it comes to a night out there is but one choice for us. - Joe Artiss, 03/21/2001

We had our committment ceremony reception here and cant begin to tell you how wonderful it was. GREAT food, WONDERFUL conversations, just out of this world!!!! They really made us feel welcome, relaxed and a part of their family. JUST cant say enough kinds things about the FOOD and OWNERS. WIll DEFINATELY BE BACK!!!! A+++++++++++ - dean and dennis, 03/21/2001

A truly wonderful dining experience. All the charm, sophistication and warmth you could ever want plus real expertise in preparation and presentation. You will feel you've spent an evening in a more graceful age, where there is attentiveness and all are well-cared for. - Karin Clissold, 03/21/2001

I have been dining at the Alan Manor for over 10 years. Every time that I visit is a new dining experience. Keep up the Good Work! - Danny Marderosian, 03/21/2001

Simply heavenly! Not just the food but the service and the ambiance. Dhiren and Misli are absolutely in a class all on their own. - Ian B., 03/20/2001

Absolute wonderfull food. Delightful atmosphere, and absolutely charming and hospitable hosts. A MUST visit in the Windsor area. Definite 5 star restaraunt!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jim & Jeff Weinshrott-Junge, 03/20/2001

We have dined numerous times at the Alan Manor and even held our office Christmas Party there. Every dinner has been a wonderful experience with excellent service and amazing food. Dhiren and Misli have made us feel like family. I cannot recommend the Alan Manor highly enough. - James Gillett, 03/20/2001

Having eaten at this charming restaurant more times than in our own kitchen, we feel uniquely qualified to review the Alan Manor. We have traveled throughout North America and Europe and have yet to find a restaurant that is their equal. From the sheer artistry that envelopes everything that is tasted, seen or heard to the delicate balance of flavors, the Alan Manor brings perfection to every detail. The ingredients, as the owners will proudly tell you, are carefully sourced local to their establishment from local farms or even their own garden. The meats are all carved on premises to ensure that their unbelievably high standards are met. The passion that is shown to everything they do appears perhaps most clearly in the wine list. Each wine is carefully chosen to represent the region or grape to its pinnacle and the values are better than any we've found elsewhere. All in all, if you happen to be in the Detoit/Windsor area and choose not to try the Alan Manor, you do not deserve to keep your tastebuds as you have done them a serious misjustice. - The Freedman Family, 03/20/2001

We have had the privilege of dining at Alan Manor on a few occasions and for the longest time, we have been trying to decide which is better, the food or the incredible service. The decision has now been reached that both the food and service are extraordinary. We have never been in a restaurant where we feel so at home and where we can try such exquisitely prepared fare. Congratulations to everyone at Alan Manor - your success is so apparent and continues to grow. - Bridget & Walt Scheuerman, 03/20/2001

Despite the fact that they are affiliated with a horribly unfair and brutal nation , I LOVE Dhiren and Misli and their ability to serve up some of the best darn food in the midwest. The ambiance is as wonderful as they are. - Patrick M. Sarkissian, 03/20/2001

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