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Beaver Creek Tackle & Beer

1609 N Wayne

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Detail for Beaver Creek Tackle & Beer : Restaurant, Game

Wild game served in a lodge setting; open fireplaces add ambiance to the dining area. - sys, 12/08/2001

Beaver Creek is a great place to eat with a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend the potato chip walleye. Even though we have moved from the area, we still drive back for the great food. - Kristi, 02/14/2008

Good selection of cold draft beer They also serve an awesome crock of baked macaroni and cheese!!!The Potato-chip Walleye is one of our favorites, keeps us coming back. - Tiger Fan, 08/30/2007

This is our absolute favorite place to gather for drinks. They also have an awesome menu. I also have never had a problem with a drink limit there! This is definitely one of the greatest placest to hang out. - anonymous, 02/27/2003

We go to Beaver Creek every couple of weeks and I never heard of a drink limit there! The wait staff is also very friendly and and I love the food, especially the ribs and the creek fries (loaded with toppings). They offer drinks in fishbowls like Long Island iced tea or rum runners. It's a great place to go if you enjoy good food and a classy bar. We often celebrate birthdays there or go and watch a sports game on one of the many televisions. They usually have entertainment on the weekends. The decor is like a large moose lodge with a cozy stone fireplace, rustic dinner tables and hundreds of antlers around the mirror behind the long bar. The rear of the lodge has a game room with pool tables, darts and video games. In the summer months, they have the outdoor deck open where you can enjoy the fresh air and have a romantic getaway from the bar. - Barb C, 03/01/2002

Good food, beautiful place waiters need more training. We had a problem with the maximum of two drinks per hour per person and mgmt. will cut you off if you ask for any past that limit. The waiters didn't know which meal was beef or which was buffalo when we were there. - R. Sandlett, 09/24/2001

I have eaten at Beaver Creek several times and always enjoyed myself. The food alone is reason enough to go, including venison, quail, buffalo, rabbit, and whitefish that I have all tried.Along with many other choices, the food was all excellent. They also have a full bar,extensive wine cigar and ale list, and an extremely friendly waitstaff. This is all set in an enjoyable comfortable atmosphere. I would highly recommend that you try this wonderful restraunt, you will love it. - raistlin majere, 09/12/2001

Like its brethren Moose Preserve, Deadwood and Camp Ticonderoga you can count on tasty variations of traditional favorites. Try the 'Buffa-loaf' meatloaf or the Roadkill Grill that comes complete with 'I Eat My Roadkill' bumper sticker. It's like hitting the UP without crossing the bridge : ) Tim J -, 09/05/2001

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