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Cafe Felix

204 S Main
Ann Arbor

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Detail for Cafe Felix : Restaurant, Tapas / Martini

Mahogany, tiled floors, tin ceiling, and brass accents create a charming ambience for this truly European-style cafe. The tapas menu features incredible food, and the martini list features 26 intriguing varieties. - sys, 09/20/2002

Unfortunately me, my husband and an out of town friend stopped by at 1:15pm for brunch. If omlettes are a want of yours, you have to get there before 1:00. The omlette chef is done for the day at 1:00. So., no omlettes today. Instead we ordered the soups of the day, bean and potatoe chowder, the cappaccino, a salad and crepes. Needless to say, about an hour later we received the soups and a very small $3.50 cappaccino. The soups were tastey, but the hour wait wasn't worth it. Then, the crepes and salad (without the dressing nor the bread that the menu said it was to come with) arrived without silverware. My one year old might have enjoyed the "finger" food, but again we waited. The crepes were bland - The Classic and The Strawberry Banana. The salad on the menu was described as

Ann Arbor , Cafe Felix

a spring mix with "lots" of vegetables. I guess there are different degrees of "lots" to the french, but americans hope for more than half an onion, a few mushrooms, and a sliver of tomatoe. Next time we go downtown with an out of towner, we'll keep walking past Cafe Felix. The service was slow, the menu wrong, and the food marginal. - Sheila G., 11/07/2003

Love Cafe Felix!! We try to go at least once a week. It's great sipping a martini and just relaxing & people watching. They have great food and drinks. - Kim W, 11/03/2007

Very disappointing dinner at Cafe Felix. Service - slow does not do it justice. The restaurant was not busy, there were too many servers loitering around (and smoking). It still took 15 minutes to receive our bottle of wine. 20 more minutes for the tapas and the server never came back to check on us after we recieved dinner. Very disappointing. Food - average. The food was ok but honestly overpriced. Compared to "1492" restaurant in downtown Chicago, this was double the price for half of the quality. Overall - There are many better restaurants in A2 for the same price. Better to drop $100 at a restaurant who cares about you as a customer and sends out food that is worthy. - Sara B., 09/05/2007

This cafe is probably the worst run restaurant in all of Ann Arbor. If you want to wait an hour for terrible food, served with attitude, and annoyingly over-priced, then this is your spot. Moreover, the latte's are NOT the best... - disappointed, 10/13/2005

Cafe Felix has perhaps the best Lattes in the world - Daniel J, 08/26/2005

I have been going to Cafe Felix for 4 years now and find it comparable to a second home. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a European dining experience. The food is great and the coffee better. But if you are in a rush, get take out. The cafe prides itself on a non-hurried atmosphere - so impatients' be ware. I particularly enjoy the live Jazz band on Friday night - a perfect addition to the creative, high-quality martinis. - MD, 10/06/2004

Cafe Felix has the best coffee in the world...Segafredo from Italy. And a small cappuccino does NOT cost $3.50! More like $1.50. The great part about Cafe Felix is the ambiance...the entire experience! It is family owned and all the brothers are friendly. They make it feel like home. Maybe the service is slow sometimes, but that's how cafe's should be...laid back, relaxed...if you want fast food, go to Subway. It's right down the street. - gs, 02/03/2004

this place has a great feel (for ann arbor), but poor coffee and consistently poor food. stay clear if what you're putting in your mouth is important. - dsanta, 09/30/2003

It's quiet and the coffee is good. What more could you want? No other place in Ann Arbor does both mixed drinks and coffee this well. Try the cafe l'orange. Bonus: its not overrun by students. - penelope, 01/23/2003

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