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Cherry Blossom Restaurant

42588 West Oaks Dr

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Detail for Cherry Blossom Restaurant : Restaurant, Japanese

Enjoy authentic Japanese selections from the sushi bar or yakitori bar; tatami room and karaoke room available. Open for lunch daily 11:30 am - 2:30 pm; dinner 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm. - alotta, 12/15/2001

Walked into the very brightly lit room not the atmosphere we were looking for on a date. Wanted to order sushi as an appetizer but were told the sushi bar was too busy and that our meals would come out first. The waiter brought out my boyfriends meal 5 minutes before mine - Pork catsu which came with Dijon mustard as a dippin sauce - since when is dijon mustard japanese?? - lol anyways my salmon was tasteless and overdone. We also ordered shrimp tempura and out came 2 measly shrimp along with every other vegetable they could find in the kitchen to batter. Finally the sush arrived and it was very average. I was disappointed with the food and service not to mention everything was very overpriced! - I definately will not return! - Marie Sutton, 01/04/2005

Just like you walked into a sushi bar/restaurant in Japan.. Great food. Great service.. a little gem in Novi! - Michigan chick, 02/28/2004

I have been enjoying the food at Cherry Blossom for more than a decade. They have excellent quality and delicious entrees and appetizers. I do suggest, thought, more creativity and expanded choices. The appetizer menu was previously more innovative and had a wider range of choices. I know the menu by memory. They don't change a thing, except for less choices than previous. Also, the smoking has to go! Catch on to the rest of the world. - MLK, 02/16/2004

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