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Clarkston Cafe

18 S Main

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Detail for Clarkston Cafe : Restaurant, American

Casual American dining featuring plenty of sandwiches and salads. - sys, 12/26/1999

The decor itself is worth the trip to see the Clarkston Cafe and the adjoining Pizza Coco but the food makes these restaurants a definitive destination. The day I was visiting Clarkston, I was fortunate enough to dine in both restaurants. Everything at both places is delightful and delicious! From appetizers to salad to pizza to entree to dessert, all the food served was truly exceptional. Some favorites of my parties were: the escargot and crab rangoon appetizers, the wood-fired pizza in general, roasted beet salad with chevre, pomegranate martinis and mojitos, nicoise salad, cedar planked salmon, roast amish chicken, ahi wellington, pommes frites with dipping aiolis, and most definitely the creme brulee special! My only regret was that I couldn't have tried more menu items. (Alas, the stomach has limits!) The prices are in line with what I'd expect for top-level cuisine prepared from fresh high-quality ingredients, and served in generous portions. And there are more affordable menu items and ala carte items too, especially on the Pizza Coco side, which is a more casual atmosphere. The service was very good on both sides and the wine and drink selections are exceptional. I've heard they sometimes have live jazz in the cafe, which would make a truly memorable dining experience. - freya_k, 03/27/2007

Love the new decor, Yes the prices are higher but the food is great the atmosphere is great. Love the menu and the service. Keep it up. Nice date place. - CTown Person, 03/06/2007

They now have a buger in the dining room that is made from black angus beef and stuffed with lobster butter. It's served with real frites... awesome! - NonLinear Magic, 03/02/2007

They are now re-opened with a completely new menu and decor. The prices are very steep. They also no longer accept Entertainment book coupons. - teach, 02/08/2007

I used to like it here until they stopped serving hamburgers in the dining if you want one, you have to eat it at the (smokey) bar. - Me, 08/13/2003

Great food and entertainment - I really enjoy it when the Shenanigans play - Noel, 12/06/2002

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