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Gilligan's Burger World

1270 N Walker

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Over 40 tons of beef sold annually ! 'nuff said. - sys, 12/26/1999

WOW!!!! great burgers!! I had the hot and spicy burger and my wife had a turkey burger in a ciabatta bread and let me tell you I have had a lot of burgers but nothing like this, BRAVO. Huge protions, fun staff and knowlegable. All i want to know is how long before we see a gilligans in our town. loved the food keep up the fun - Anon, 01/23/2006

I wanted to tell you about my experience at your restaurant. I will begin by saying that our favorite places for dinner are The Keg, Kelsey's, The cook shop and Lumberjack. But tonight we felt like a burger and since you coma highly recomended we decided to give it a try :) Well let's just say it didn't go that well my wife's burger wa under-cooked and our mushrooms weren't fresh mushrooms they were canned unlike what we were tpld when we first inquired bfore ordering. We also ask to poutine our fries wich you can do anywhere in the city for about 2.00 dollars but not this time it was 5.99 for a poutine and 5.99 foe a burger with the wrong kind of mushroom the girls were very nice and took my wifes burger off the bill wich still came to 33.00 dollars. The only thing that I personally didn't like was that my wife was ask to come to the kitchen to look at the burger and was told that it was the lighting of the restaurant tha had cause her burger to appear pink. Has you can see we eat out alot and our choices of restaurant our big on steaks so for my wife to find her burger pink well I don't have to say anymore. Your 1/2 nachos were delicious we had them has an appetiser and we loved them. I finish by saying that our overall experience was not that great and we were wondering if that is a regular thing that you do to bring people in the kitchen to show them there burger meat ? My wife agreed with the waitress not to make the situation more uncomfortable than it already was and didn't drink her milkshake or eat her poutine or her burger !!! :( Thank You : Kenneth Rodgers -, 03/08/2005

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