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Meriwether's/Chuck Muer's

25485 Telegraph

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Detail for Meriwether's/Chuck Muer's : Restaurant, Seafood, Pasta

Open for lunch and dinner daily. This establishment specializes in tasty seafood and pasta dishes and features an extensive wine list. - alotta, 05/01/2000

Seafood and pasta are house specialties. Extensive wine list available. Open for lunch and dinner daily; Sunday brunch. - alotta, 12/15/2001

Awesome! - Jane, 03/06/2009

To Mr. Charles Muer,Yesterday was Mother's Day and we decided that we would take our mom to your restaurant for dinner. I and my siblings are from Maryland, but we been to Meriwether's several times and have ALWAYS enjoyed the food and service, until yesterday. We had reservations at 5:30p.m. When we arrived we were informed that they were running behind, after about ten minutes we were told they were just starting to seat the 5:00p.m. reservations. At about 7:45p.m. we (the eight of us) were served out meal. I had been raving to some in our party about the bread. It was not up to par, they had to bake it so quickly that it was doughy and not browned properly, the shrimp were rubbery, the blackened catfish was charred, the lamb undercooked and the crabcakes were NOT to Marylands standards and the coffee was luke warm. Did I mention we didn't have desert. I was disappointed and imbarrassed. Then I received the bill which was $334.00 plus change. The waitress received and automatic $48.00 and change tip. Ordinarily that would not have been a problem, but the service and food quality left alot to be desired yesterday. As I said previously, I Love your restaurant and I would like to offer a suggestion. To keep from overwhelming your Chef and disappointing patrons, your Holiday menus should be limited to four or five specialties with a couple of appetizers, salad and desert options,I'm sure this would eliminate some of the stress and frustration experienced by patrons and STAFF. For your consideration, I would appreciate a response. Thank You. Venessa -, 05/13/2008

My husband and I - both mid-thirties - went to Meriwether's for our tenth anniversary. The main course was great, but our appetizer (baked brie) was cool and didn't have enough crackers. Our desert - creme brulee - was not brulee at all. In fact, it looked like they had pulled the crust off - just bumpy custard. The other guests were all from the older set, so the atmosphere wasn't too current or romantic. - MMM, 04/17/2003

The Halibut is off the hook!!! - Snoopy, 01/13/2003

Great crab cakes! - Motrin, 01/02/2002

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