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Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train

840 N Pontiac Trail
Walled Lake

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Enjoy an evening which includes a five-course meal, a murder mystery, and a musical cabaret, all while rolling along in a beautiful train. Available for dinner Tues - Sun. - alotta, 12/15/2001

Subject: Ive been SCAMMED Yes! I was scammed by Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train, Media Web Connect and Radio Station 97.1 FM. I purchased four (4) Gift Certificates online for the Dinner Train for four (4) family members. When one of the family members called to make reservations he was told only one (1) Gift Certificate was useable for the family party of four (4). This was an unconscionable position taken by the personnel at Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train. They obviously didnt go. I recommend you search at Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train and go to Dinner Train Reviews before considering spending your money. - Norm, 10/24/2007

My husband, another couple, and I, recently went on the Star Clipper. 'Clipper' is right. These people charge for everything. Frankly, I was surprised they didn't charge an 'access fee' to use their restroom (which was filthy, by the way). Watch you wallet! The food was so-so and cold. There is absolutely zero scenery to look at, just back yards of run down buildings. We regret getting on this train. Never again! - Denise Perry, 01/11/2004

I have just recently dined and was entertained on the michigan star clipper It was a riot so much fun the entertainment was fabulous it was nice to have a place that could take you back to an era when you didn't have to apologize just to have a good time i highly recommend it - Charles LeFehr, 04/26/2003

We had to reschedule due to an ice storm and we were forced to pay a $10 per person rescheduling fee. We informed them that we had a handicapped adult - upon arrival we found out that this is not handicap friendly, which caused an enormous amount of stress for our party. The entertainment was annoying and boring at best. There were loud 'knocking' noises from under the train making it nearly impossible to hear anything. The food wasn't all that great either - this is waht our '5 course dinner' consisted of: 5 small cubes of cheese with a cracker for each, bowl of split pea soup (no choices), salad swimming in italian dressing, meat/potatoes/veggies, pudding. I had ordered a steak cooked 'medium' and got one that was VERY rare and LOADED with fat. I had difficulty cutting it and had to wait to get a steak knife. The restrooms were filthy, incredibly small and hotter than a sauna. I thought it was appalling to automatically tack a $5 'table fee' per person and a $2 'bar fee' per person to the bill. And the 'scenery' was disgusting at best - old rusted train parts & garbage strewn everywhere. Backyards, parking lots and the list goes on. A total disappointment and an incredible waste of money. I feel that the advertisements for this place are grossly misleading and I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. - anonymous, 04/13/2003

I recently had the opportunity to ride aboard the dinner train and i have to admit that it wasn't the most pleasureable dining experience that i thought it would be. Service was great, but that scenic route was horrible!!!! I couldn't even enjoy my food because i lost my appetite after being forced to look at swampy water, a home with a toilet in its back yard, and a host of other unsightly things that one would not want to pay to see. The train could use some cosmetic improvements too, starting with having the chairs cleaned! Service was wonderful, the act was O.K, and the food was wonderful so it wasn't the worst experience of a romantic evening, but it wasn't the best. Bloomfield Hills,MI - anonymous, 10/02/2002

The entertainment (murder mystery) car was just plain irritating: too much screaming, no plot, annoying actors, etc. At $70 a person, you'd expect a little more than a dried up piece of prime rib (all 4 of us ordered medium-all 4 of us ended up with well-done). The waitresses looked like they needed extra help since we sat over an hour with nothing to drink - no water, nothing. The train did not go anywhere other than back and forth on the same track for over 3 hours. We watched people get off the train through the kitchen exit and walk back. A waste of time, money, and railroad tracks. I'd only consider going on it again if they let us go for free and paid us money for gas to get there. - Disappointed Wife, 09/17/2002

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