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Olympia Greek Restaurant

532 Monroe

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Detail for Olympia Greek Restaurant : Restaurant, Greek

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Located in Greektown; specialties include flaming cheese, Souvlaki, gyros, lamb chops, grapeleaves, and mousaka. Also: ribs, chicken, and burgers. Recommended: the Macaroni Cassarole. Connected to the Greektown casino. - sys, 01/29/2002

iam happy that i am seeing the olympia restaurant!!!it was my bussinees at 1976-1982!! - chris and spyros, 02/21/2009

LISTEN !!!! I have been to detroit 4 different times on business. I ALWAYS repeat ALWAYS stop in the Greektown and get the sampler. If I had a dying wish it would be to eat the sampler from Olympia Greek Restaurant. I would feel complete. I would then close my eyes to meet my maker. DO NOT cheat yourself. If you get a chance you MUST GO !!!!I'm from Nashville and there is not ANYTHING in the same stratosphere !!!! - Motor City Visitor, 06/07/2008

we have eaten there numerous times. The BEST Greek resturant in Greektown. Dr Georgiou's rice pudding is the best I have ever tasted. Grest atomsphere and delicious food - norm, 09/13/2007

The greek salad that I ordered as takeout was $9.00 plus and it was not worth it. They should charge $5.50 for it. I think because of

Detroit , Olympia Greek Restaurant

the location they charged so much. Not worth the price and nothing special about the salad especially if they serve iceburg lettuce instead of greenleaf. Don't waste your money...............
- Candice B, 02/15/2007

we ate at Olympia greek restaurant yesterday after visiting the Detroit science center, and it was excellent. the Jumbo beer battered shrimp are delicious & clean. we also ordered the double gyro order, it was enough for 4 people ! the prices are great, the waiting was great and the food was fresh & very delicious..we will definitely be returning soon.,we recommend this one. - bridget, 03/06/2003

Olympia Greek Restaurant , Detroit

Olympia Greek Restaurant , Detroit

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