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Detail for Priya : Restaurant, Indian

This by far, is the worst Indian Restaurant in the country. The wait staff is terrible and the manager needs a brain exam and a lesson in basic manners. There is one waitress taking care of the 25 to 30 tables they have in the restaurant, along with one assistant who does not know what time of the day it is. The manager/ receptionist greets you , seats you, gives you water ( when she feels like it, if at all), cleans the tables and brings you drinks. The waitress, who lookes like is she is the harrassed mother of 10, barks out " what do you want for dinner?". The average price in this restaurant are between $13-$17 / entree and the waitress acts like it is a roadside diner. Takes your order and brings all your food out together along with a take away box and check. I think the local Dennys have more class than this place. There is not chance for you to order another drink, bread, dessert or coffee... something which most couples like to do when they are dining outside on a Sat night!! The manager/ receptionist, who is the rudest person in that establishment walks around throwing plates and silverware on to the tables even though guests are seated there. Be sure to duck your heads before the plates come flying at you!! She sure must hate her job or something!! The food was below average and not worth writing about... but the service was terrible. Overrall, the experience was disgusting in everyway. Please do not waste your money and time at this utterly useless place. It is just not worth it - critic, 03/03/2008

I have been to Priya many times and have always been very pleased with the food and the service. The Paneer masala is my favorite! -, 12/31/2004

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