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Detail for Sindbad's : Restaurant, American

Located on the Detroit River, this restaurant specializes in Angus steaks, substantial sandwiches, and fresh seafood. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily; Sunday brunch.

Open 361 days each year from 11:00am til close, which is generally between midnight and 2:30 am depending on traffic. Prices: very reasonable. - sys, 01/30/2002

What more can I say about this restaurant? It is as depressing as the City of Detroit. I'm an out of town visitor and wanted some seafood for dinner. Well, first you have to pass through dilapidated buildings to get to the restaurant. It certainly didn't instill any confidence for my families safety. Second, the menu, even with Certified Angus Beef, leaves something to be desired. Where's the seafood? Sure, they had some seafood entree but it seemed like Red Lobster had more than them. How would you like your seafood prepared, sir? Fried or Deep Fried? The food was average at best and certainly didn't warrant the prices they charge. Did I mention about the smoke? While waiting for a table, I must have inhaled two packs of cigarettes in the bar. Their only saving grace is that they had a decent beer selection. Would I go there again? No way! Save your money! - S.H.E, 10/28/2007

Love Sinbad's and its history. As a child, our mom (born in 1926) used to hang out at Sinbad's with her dad, who is fabled to have had the fastest speedboat on the Detroit River in the 1920's and 30's. It's too bad that Sinbad's web site only recalls its recent history so people don't have an opportunity to understand what a rich historic landmark the current restaurant descends from! - suburban sue, 09/03/2007

Great food, great service, great people. Great, great, great!!! Twelve thumbs up! - Jon Currie, 08/17/2007

Wow, what a fantastic seafood restaurant. Great location for a seafood joint. We walked in and were immediately in the bar, one of my favorite hobbies. One of the perks is that you can finally light up a cigerette and enjoy a drink before being seated, not so in Chicago or NY. The staff was friendly and helpful as I was uncertain on what to order since all of the entrees looked delicious. We had a table by the window and the afternoon view of the Detroit was perfect. Definitely a repeat customer! - Mr. J, 01/06/2007

I absolutely loved this place. I can't wait to go back for seconds. After having Captain D's, Long John Silver, and Red Lobster, this place is definitely my favorite seafood restaurant. Great menu with lots of seafood entrees. Favorite entree has to be the Mariner: shrimp, scallops, frog legs, and perch. Mmm, mmm, mmm. - The Razor, 09/19/2006

I scheduled a rather large (30+) function; had several telephone conferences, and a face-to-face meeting with the coordinator. Despite what I anticipated was a well planned event, we was greated by a wait staff that had absolutely no clue about the detailed arrangements previously made by myself! The two staff persons were clearly overwhelmed by a group of this size but were professional and made a galant effort. This was a reservation of convience and not one I would repeat if given any other option. - mar, 08/17/2006

What a big disappointment and big waste of money going to Sindbad's. To start with, patrons have to walk thru a smokey bar, which I find extremely offensive. When we were seated, the waiter was decent but when I opened the menu, I probably saw more meat entrees than seafood entrees. The seafood selection is extremely limited and not very appetizing. I wouldn't be surprised if all their fish were frozen except for the ones caught in the Detroit river. Even though it is by the river (prime location for any restaurant), the surrounding neighborhood is deplorable and definitely looks shady. Definitely not safe for families to walk off all that calories from the fried fish. If Sinbad's ever becomes a smoke-free and changes their menu to include more fish entrees, then I will consider giving this place another shot. For now, stay away from this place. - B.D.J, 07/28/2006

Don't waste your money at this so-called seafood restaurant. The menu consisted of your typical shrimp and shell fish but offers nothing new so people could try new things. I could have gone to Red Lobster and saved my hard earned money even though Red Lobster isn't that good either. Service was unremarkable and the minute you enter inside the restaurant, your senses are filled with cigarette smoke from the bar. Definite thumbs down!!! - Beetie B, 12/29/2005

Prices are nominal, views are minimal, and food is awful. Skip it. - Denise B., 09/12/2005

I tried this place because of several positive reviews on this site. I'm sorry to say that my meal was one of worst seafood experiences I've ever had. I've had better 'seafood' from Captain D's and Long John Silver's. Don't waste your time or your money, it was a complete dumper. - Big Fish, 07/27/2005

After a two year absence, I decided to give Sinbad's another try. The menu certainly hasn't improved much. The last entree I ordered was of fried foods and it wasn't good. This time I ordered their salmon and again, there is nothing special about it. Remember this is a seafood restaurant and they need to spice up their menu a bit. Everybody serves salmon but give me something worth remembering about my meal. The service was ok, not great. The server said hello, left the plain rolls and butter, and came back to take our order. Maybe I should have saved my money and made salmon at my home instead of going to Sinbad's. For now, I gave it a second chance and it failed again. - A F, 07/13/2005

You mention 'The old 'speak easy' restaurant...' but Sinbad's has only been around since 1959 which was long after prohibition. But the food is great and reasonably priced. - John, 06/12/2003

Sinbad's is a great eating experience on the Detroit River. The old 'speak-easy' restaurant offers tasty dinners, helpful staff, a fine bar and a long history. I found the staff and the owner to be particularly helpful when my boat failed to start and the owner “Brian” went distantly out of his way to help me get it running. I speak highly of Sinbad’s restaurant and would recommend to anyone. Furthermore, to who is concerned, the area in which Sinbad’s is located is under full restoration and rehabilitation, and frankly I do not think that the City of Detroit needs any more negative criticism based on one persons opinion of one establishment. - R.F. BAN, 03/11/2003

We held the International ShipMaster's Association's...ShipMaster's Ball up in the Sohar room. The food consisted of filet mignon or seafood in filot crust. Unbelievable how they made that happen...we heard nothing but rave reviews about the food all night. The food was superb for that large crowd. GREAT STAFF! - Ken G., 03/07/2003

Great restaurant, friendly staff, great burgers and perch, among many others. Free shuttle service to all downtown events make Sinbads a great 1-2 punch for dinner and an evening out. - PSK, 01/15/2003

Too bad this person didn't try Sinbad's Shrimp dinner. I've been going there for 25 years just for that shrimp. It's absolutely the best I've every had. - anonymous, 05/01/2002

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