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Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar

333 E Jefferson Ave.

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Detail for Sweet Lorraine's Cafe & Bar : Restaurant, Marriott / American

Sweet Loraine's is a modern/american style restaurant located in the Courtyard Marriott and only a block or so from City Hall. Here's the breakdown: Price of entree: $10 - $20. My bill came to $15 before the tip. Style/Decor: Modern! High contrast in colors that go quite well. The walls are like murals with large paintings going across the wall. The lighting is ambient: a comforting low amount of light. Overall I enjoyed it =). Overall cleanliness was great. All the unused tables were washed and set and the floor didn't have any noticable dirt either. Dress: Not so casual as jeans. I'd feel comfortable in anything khaki's and up. Food: I ordered a Chiptople hamburger for $12. Came with special bbq sauce, cheese, onions and mushrooms along with lettuce, tomato and pickle on the side as well as potato chips. All were quite good =). Overall: I really enjoyed going here. The hamburger (minus the special bbq sauce) is akin to Jacoby's in taste. The service was good and I like the atmosphere. I recommend this place to anyone but even more to people looking for a wonderful restaurant to bring a date to. - Jason W, 09/06/2005

One of the worst meals I ever had. Horribly cooked, flavorless steak that took over an hour to get. "Supervisor" didn't care at all. 3 people spent $80.00 for one of the worst meals we all had ever had. Waste of time and money and an uncraing staff. - BC, 07/09/2009

Your reviews are good and we were really interested in checking Sweet Lorraine's out, but whoever answered your phone (223-3933), this afternoon, didn't take the time to take our fax number so we could get minue information. Some of our party is severly allergic to sea food and we just needed to check the minue. - JoAnn, Detroit, 10/26/2006

This place is fantastic!! I agree with Jason the lighting and decor were easy and upbeat. I had a salad and chicken pot pie. That sounds ordinary but....OH MY GOSH!!! It was absolutely delicious. The salad of mixed greens, carmelized walnuts and secret dressing was one of the best I've had anywhere. The breads, muffin, and dipping sauce was the 'best' I've ever had. I am a flight attendant for a major airline so I eat all over the country and the world. Sweet Lorraine's is the best! Good job guys. - patricia, 02/09/2006

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