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Turkey Grill

8290 Woodward

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Detail for Turkey Grill : Restaurant, American

I am very disappointed in the service I received from you restaurant located on Woodward. I purchased a smoked turkey drumstick, some greens and dressing. My dressing was cold and spolied. The price was too expensive for lunch. The lunch should have been no more than maybe nine dollars. I will never return to your restaurant and I will tell my friends and family about your place. Very upset! - Melody O, 01/22/2004

Well, I do think the Turkey Grill does have good food. But, on a scale of 1-10, if they want a 10 from me, they need better customer service. So, they get an 8 from me (and that score is based only of the food, judging their customer service would lower that score). Try it out and you be the judge. - A Detroiter, 10/24/2006

I called the Turkey one time and they were "out" of Turkey. Duh? isn't it called the Turkey Grill, too funny. - FAB, 10/01/2009

I been a detroit supporter all my life some 43 years . And this place have that feel that just because I have a great product I can treat people any way and get away , with it .Every time I have been in there they have been disrespectful to me and other patrons. Sad to say I would rather eat in shack with a bunch of dogs. than go back there food to me is very special and those who prepare it should understand that - turkey critic review, 03/26/2009

What a shame it is we dont run our businesses more professionally, I was going to try The Turkey Grill but from what I have read, its not the kind of place Im going to go out of my way to try. Too Bad!!! - K.Abrams, 10/24/2008

the food is great, but the woman behind the counter is a BITCH (no offense meant toward female dogs) -and she has a mustache - likes the food, 03/26/2008

The Turkey Grill's food is outstanding. I wish the facility was bigger, designed for a better dine in. Also despite how good the food is, the employees could stand to be more "consumer friendly". Just because its IN the ghetto doesn't mean you have to carry on ghetto conversation. Oh yeah, the people preparing the food should wear gloves like at Subway. I don't doubt they wash their hands consistently, but I do think that the FDA requires gloves...just a thought. Get the turkey bites, the pita rolls, the drumsticks..pretty much anything. Again, despite some of the negatives, the food is outstanding. - Dave, 03/26/2008

I have looked and looked and looked for a restaurant like this in every State in the US I have been stationed (15) and every country I have been stationed (5). The closest I have come to eating food this divine was in Saudi Arabia. The Turkey Grills food however is much better. I think this restaurant has future Franchise written all over it. I believe the expansion of this restaurant is imperative. There are people like me in the military community that detests BK and Mickey Ds KFC and the like. I knew there were such a place and even considered venturing out and creating one myself. I guess I am back to the drawing board on that one. I was driving by and decided to double back and give it a try. I ordered the Turkey Burger only. There is a sign amongst all the other reading on the wall that says, “It will take a while but it worth the wait”. I had time to read all the pictures and postings even the flyers lying on the counter. I knew it was going to take a while especially after reading the sign they had posted. It was well worth the wait. I loved the burger. I am happy to have found this place. I put the number and the address in my cell phone like I had made a new connection. I will be eating her regularly and I will be bringing friends and family for the healthy delicious Turkey. I look forward to trying other dishes. I will call ahead whenever I am in a bit of a hurry though. I have read all the pictures and postings. - Your friendly neighborhood SOLDIER, 01/24/2008

Amazing eating in the heart of the city. You will not be disappointed in the taste or portion that the folk at the Turkey Grill put out. Once the poor customer service made coming here a drag, but not this last time. A friendly hello, and some help with the menu made us right at ease. They warn you that it's made to order and takes a few minutes longer. However our order came quickly and very hot. Look carefully for the daily specials. We had two #7's (Cajun fried Turkey wing and leg with salad). Use an entertainment coupon and save big on a big meal! Great for Tailgating at Tiger or Lions game! - alanBR, 09/25/2007

I am typically not a meat eater, but when I do get that urge I come by your Turkey Grill. Everything I have tried I truly have enjoyed. There is still more for me to try out. - Ann, 02/26/2007

This is like the best place on earth! Everytime I come to Detroit I always stop here first. The turkey is wonderful and the recipe is great. You will never taste anyting like it anywhere else. In fact, lots of out of towners stop there often when visiting Detroit. - Miss Brooklyn, 12/07/2006

Consistently, I have been unhappy with the level of customer service provided by the staff of the Turkey Grill. I have frequented your establishment on five separate visits and today I thought that maybe if I phoned ahead our order, it would cut down on waiting time. My experiences have revealed a consistent void of basic customer courtesy skills/training (hello, may I help you?, welcome, good morning, etc.), menu items not available, employees engaged in cell phone conversations while attempting to wait on me and their blatant disregard for the volume levels of personal conversations. Today during my attempted call-in-order, I was interrupted mid sentence, told to hold only to listen to a full conversation between the employee and another customer, then an additional conversation took place between the young lady answering the phone and another employee, all before returning to my call. Needless to say, I shared my concerns and choose to take our business elsewhere. Customer service is essential! Simone - Simone L, 11/20/2006

I was very, very disappointed in the food. It was not good AT ALL. In addition, it is waaaay too expensive. A turkey leg w/roll for $6.00. Serivce is slow. The turkey leg was dry and had seasonings and spices sprinkled on after cooking. This was not tasty at all. I would not recommend The Turkey Grill to anyone. - Dee, 06/02/2006

Thank goodness I only live a couple of blocks from The Turkey Grill! What a truly enjoyable experience for me and those who don't like to consume to much red meat. You've to got to order the extra crispy and spicy and oh boy! you will definitely run back to get more! (I do). Hey! Try it, you'll definitely love it...and more MizSartor2u. Turkey Grill Fan. - MizSartor2u, 04/01/2004

The Turkey Burger is excellent! It didn't taste like one of those pre-patted hard patties. The greens are very good and the mac & cheese and dressing is good too! A little slow with service but I'll definitely return. - Gregory, 01/30/2004

I truly enjoy this turkey place! If I lived closer to this joint, I would go there every other day. The only complaint that I have is that there is no location on the West side--NOT FAIR!!!!>(-.-)< - Nadia Toles, 07/10/2003

What a pleasant switch from the norm. The food is excellent. I recommend the number seven and the turkey burger. Please excuse the service and the atmosphere they leave a lot to be desired. - Anonymous, 06/27/2003

I always order the turkey meatloaf. It comes with mac and cheese (like moma makes it) and greens.And all for 7.00. It is worth the drive from Oak Park! I would recommend it to people trying to eat less red meat too! - Nelli, 06/03/2003

I had the cajun wings my boy friend had the Turkey Burger, you have got to try the Turkey Grill. - Tracy F., 03/18/2003

The Turkey grill is excellent. I never had a problem with the service. But, even if I did I would continue to eat there. Its in the hood, as most good eating places are. The service adds to the appeal. The turkey salad...unbelievable. If you've never been you have to go. - stephanie, 02/12/2003

Please disregard the service. You do not not go to the Turkey Grill for service. You go for the food. And the food is excellent. I too have experienced some rude encounters, but nothing is going to keep me from eating there. I don't eat pork or beef and love how they do different thigs with turkey. You can have turkey salad, turkey pitas, cajun turkey, marinated turkey, turkey sausage. Please try the $1.99 breakfast special. It is worth quite more because the hashbrowns are off the hook! Don't forget to order your holiday turkey. I did last year and will order another Cajun Turkey this year for Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday! - Shawn' Simmons, 11/11/2002

I love the food! The turkey burger is definitely a must-have, and the cajun fried turkey wings are to delicious. Everything is a welcome change from the boring beef hamburgers and chicken. For the health concious, you must try it! I've tried just about everything and have never been disappointed. - anonymous, 05/31/2002

I called the Turkey grill prior to planning to order food for a party. I had heard lots of positive things about their food but, I was treated very rudely and disrespectfully on the phone and they hung up on me. I will not recommend them to anyone despite their reputation. - anonymous, 01/18/2002

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