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Detail for Twingo's : Restaurant, American

Fine French dining; baguettes, montrachet, and herbed chutney; tangerine cream cheese with banana bread for dessert. - sys, 12/26/1999

After three consistently terrible dining experiences at this restaurant, I refuse to give them another cent. A bland tuna steak that bordered on fish jerky was the final straw. The inflated prices on the menu reflect the swank atmosphere, not the quality of the food. Great place to hang out and drink, but I have never had a meal at Twingo's that was anything less than disappointing. - Kevin B, 12/14/2006

Always a delight, Twingo's is the jewel of the WSU area - fantastic food, top notch jazz - John L, 03/21/2003

As a first time customer I was impressed by the food and atmosphere. It was a nice feeling to be downtown off the beaten path and be in such lively establishment. What didn't provide a nice feeling though, was the fact that our party of three was overcharged by our waiter by nearly $20. Not much money but that's not the point. It seems like a gratuity of 15% was automatically added to the bill even though that's not the policy. Maybe he though it wouldn't be noticed or at least not imediately. He was right. In a hurry to get to the theatre, I quickly reviewed the bill and paid it with a tip for good service. The more I thought about the bill as I walked over the show the more I thought we were overcharged. When I called Twingo's later, they confirmed that based on what we had ordered, we were overcharged by about the same as a gratuity. Since I paid in cash and was not expensing the dinner, I did not keep the receipt. The owner basically said too bad they cwould not do anything for me since I did'nt have the receipt. Not at all what I would expect from an owner who should care what kind of experience a client has in their establishment. I did not want cash back, maybe a voucher towards my next visit at Twingo's. Instead, I am left to warn future guests to take a close look at their bill and make sure the total does not include any extras. - OBT, 02/03/2003

I just wanted to reiterate how good your restaurant is. I have yet to have a bad experience there. In addition, I have suggested Twingo's to other people and they have enjoyed their experience there as well. My guest last Saturday night was no exception. Thank you to David, Ted and the Black gentleman (I'm sorry that I didn't get his name)who was clearing tables for making that night an enjoyable one. Excellent food! Excellent service! - Gary Rivard, 05/07/2001

I've noted this on your in-restaurant cards, but I truly enjoy eating at this restaurant. I am usually by myself because I usher at the Hilberry, and I've never been treated differently (some restaurants do treat solo diners differently). In addition the food has always been great. Sara(?) and Alexandra have been my servers when I've been in there and they have been excellent servers. I expect that the same is true of all your staff. Keep up the good work. - Gary Rivard, 03/06/2001

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