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Vince's Italian Restaurant

1341 N Springwells

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Detail for Vince's Italian Restaurant : Restaurant, American

Homemade pastas, caccitore, parmigiana, and cannoli for dessert. - sys, 12/26/1999

I grew up on Vinces in Detroit, it is truly the best Italian food in Michigan, it is always the same, never changes. We live in Dearborn and there are no other resturants that even come close, it is amazing! My daughters cannot get enough of their spagetti, it is out of this world! - Robert R, 12/29/2006

We heard about Vince's for years, but only first went there a few years ago. We continue to go there, because it's like visiting their home. The restuarant is warm and cozy,and the food is so Italian and so good. We love it! - Maggio, 06/02/2005

TRUE homemade RULES here - the best pizza ever made, ravioli 'to die for', incomparable veal, subtle spices, rich tira misu, to name just a few. This is a jewel of a restaurant with original art on the walls, family members everywhere every day, and a loyal base of repeat customers (Italian-Americans and non-Italians). The fortunate DO know about Vince's and the family: Maria, Lidia, Frank, Mark, Carlo and Silvio. They care and it shows. - Mary Frances, 01/30/2005

Vince's is one of the best place to eat in town. The place has been in business for 43 years and they know what they are doing when it comes to Italian food, and the Portions are enough to fill and normal sized italian, but if you jumdo sized (Laura) just order a secound helping. It will be worth it. - Mike Budd, 04/21/2003

Truly an excellent restaurant....fantastic food, great service. But...when you are feeding a hungry Italian, the portion size just isn't there. - Laura, 02/13/2003

Vince's Restaurant is unquestionably the finest Italian restaurant in the greater Detroit area. Consistently fine quality, great atmosphere, and service extraordinaire. A dining 'must' for lovers of REAL Italian cuisine - William H. Frabotta, 07/31/2000

I felt Vince's Restaurant was one of the greatest restaurants in Detroit. The food was excellent and the service was astounding. I would trully recommend this restaurant who wants to taste the true Italian cuisine. -, 02/25/2000

A true hidden gem in the City of Detroit. Nothing flashy, nothing overstated. Top quality, homemade Italian fare. The generations of family ownership make an obvious impact on the atmosphere, quality service and give the patron a true sense of being part of the family. Absolutely wonderful. - David Jablonski, 12/19/1999

Vince's has the best Italian food we have ever eaten. When we go back to Detroit, Vince's is the first place we go. Retired Guy from Tucson. - Retired Guy, 03/28/2008

The best Italian Restaurant in Detroit! The service is excellent and the food is authentic! - JMV, 03/21/2008

They put chicken in their arrabbiatta sauce and then tell the customers it is a meatless sauce. The portions are very small and they charge a lot. The minestrone is way too mushy. - T. Garramone, 02/18/2008

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