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Zef's Coney Island Restaurant

1249 Washington Blvd.

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Detail for Zef's Coney Island Restaurant : Restaurant, American

Even though Zef's in pontiac sold, the family is at the other location in downtown detroit on washington blvd. The orginial Zef's was from Eastern Market and then sold that one then went to downtown pontiac for 7 years and now it went back home to where "THE orginial Zef's" belongs. The food on washington is just like zef's use to do it back in the days, a lot for the money. - Anon, 05/10/2005

Zef's is a great place! the people in the resteraunt treat so great there and you feel like you belong instantly!To bad that not all the same people work there like before! The whole family was there now it only here and there i see them! It's sad because it was a great place and great people! but that comes in the deal when you buy a resteraunt you have to know how to say buy to it! People are supposed to move on in life! Maybe we'll see Zef's alot more in Detroit! As a customer at Zef's i encourage you to go eat

Detroit , Zef's Coney Island Restaurant

there and atleeast try there omelete or dinner or a great big salad and take it from me you'll enjoy your stay there and the food ! When you some into this resteraunt you couldnt ask for more!
- Steve, 03/28/2005

Wow, i have never felt so at home when im at Zef's!!! The waitresses are great.....the food is wonderful and i dont think there could be another resteraunt that can beat it!!!! I'm happy that Zef's is getting out there and more people know about this resteraunt! **Even though eating Zef's everyday is bad for me !!! but i couldnt compare a fast-food resteraunt and Zef's Coney Resteraunt!truely there is the biggest difference! - Garry,Det.-MI, 02/26/2005

I don't know about a Zef's restaurant in Pontiac, but I do know that for more than twenty years Zef's in Eastern Market has been among my favourite restaurants. One reason I moved back from Florida was to be able to eat at Zef's more often! A colleague once asked if Zef's served beer, I answered 'at Zef's the food is intoxicating enough! - detroitterminal, 06/04/2004

Zef's Coney Restaurant in Pontiac is the best, the food is great and a great deal. You get so much food it's enough for two people to share, it's the best coney island around. i give it a 5star - JENNY, 03/15/2004


Zefs rocks! best food in Pontiac!! Bring the family. ... - cheeseburger, 08/30/2002

I think it is a great restaurant, I always go there and John Paljusevic is a great cook and I love the food and all of my family and friend think the same. - J, 06/12/2002

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