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Belle Isle

7000 Jefferson

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Detail for Belle Isle : Park History

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Situated on the Detroit River between Detroit and Canada, this 1,000 acre park is the country's largest city island park, as well as the city's popular picnicking and fishing area and event site. Recreational facilities include a golf course, a zoo, and a nature preserve. - sys, 12/26/1999

We visited the island today in our search for lighthouses. It was my first time there and I was shocked! It was dirty and filthy and we did not feel very safe there. I don't even know if anything is open on the island anymore it looked so deserted. It has the potential to be a beautiful place again and I hope there is a group working towards that. - Ava Goldsmith: AAVABABY@yahoo, 07/01/2001

Ipersonally would like to see a proposed entry fee for Belle Isle. Young people can't believe that when I was young, we use to spend the night on the island & in the morning, my mother would cook us breakfast on the grille. Now, people come to the island, have a good time & instead of picking up after themselves, they say,'Let the

Detroit , Belle Isle

next people who come out here clean it up.' I don't think that they don't think that THEY will be someday be the next people. And then THEY will complain about how dirty the island is. The fee, like the Metro Parks, would pay for clean up & restoration. I really miss the music from the Band Shell also.
-, 05/10/2001

there's a new exhibit on Belle Isle at the Detroit Historical Museum, and the Gift Shop has a companion book with alot of history and photos. check it out ! -, 03/25/2001

Belle isle is the place to be when it gets hot out. Some people i know skipped school to go there. It's the site of Senior Skip Day every year. Each year's senior class goes to have one last hurrah before Graduation day - Lauren, 05/04/2002

I never knew how beautiful Belle Isle was until I see it from a distance.It is a beautiful island that isnt kept up.Before I didnt agree on a toll but after seeing how it works in other cities that might be the best thing for Belle Isle

Detroit , Belle Isle

.Every year it gets worse.The park is used for many different things its a place for young people to hang out or where people go when they get out the club , people take pictures there on their wedding day,senior picnics are held there & its usually extremly packed the first week of summer ,recreational park w/ animals.
- CHANELLI22@YAHOO.COM, 02/06/2003

I love the Detroit Belle Isle Park, please do not charge a fee to the Isle, I am a born and raised Detroiter, my parents would drive through the park every Sunday and we would stop for ice cream, enjoying nature,water and the skies. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM THE DETROITERS. Most times the park is used for underemployed,unemployed or just regular folk with out the funds to pay fee to enjoy our park inside the city. Suggestion; if funding is required for the park take it to the voters. I'm sure most of us would be willing to pay a surcharge or 'small' tax to take care of our Park! - sharon jackson, 08/13/2003

Belle Isle is a beautiful park and one that Detroiter's should visit more often. However, it does

Detroit , Belle Isle

have it's problems. It does seem abandoned at times and the crowds there in the evening aren't families enjoying the sunset. There should be an entrance fee. Maybe then the investment would be made to upkeep the park and keep it clean. The aquarium should be re-opened. More schools should visit there for field trips. More events should be planned there. Races for the cure, city events, etc. If the city could plan events there that generate buzz (even that lure the suburbanites out to the site) it could be a bumpin' park - like the 'Central Park' of Detroit.
- anonymous, 04/22/2005

Belle Isle , Detroit

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