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General Motors Headquarters (moved)

1000 Woodward

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how dare gm encourage to raise the gas tax - those filthy bastards i will make sure i tell everyone i know and we will boycott obama motors - honda is better anyway - anonymous, 06/27/2011

I am so very disapointed in GM. The cars I have purchased have had so many problems, the custome service, well.....don't get me started I could right a short novel on this. I am sad for our country above all that we cannot find American made cars that are superior to those of our competators in other countries. I have a fleet of trucks in my business and tried the GM thing and I have lost so much money for my vehicles being in the shop, 40,000 miles needing new transmissions, this has happen to two of them lately, numerous trips to the service center and though alot has been covered under warranty that doesn't pay for the revenue lost by my trucks being in for repair. We choose new vehicles for the reason of down time cost money, and here I am lossing

Detroit , General Motors Headquarters

money. And again the customer service I have received has been unbelievable, I would have fired many of these employee's on the spot. Good luck, too big to fail. Maybe it's time to go back to basic's?
- Tonya, 04/30/2010

I understand GM dosen't solicit ideas..........but here is something simple that could avoid accidents in cold & snow markets. HEATED FRONT WHEEL WELLS(Back Window)or all wheel wells lined with non-stick material. Ron Hughes 3705 Western Hills Drive West Des Moines,Iowa50265 - Ron Hughes, 02/28/2008

Why doesn't GM Corp. BUY Toyota automobile company, Stop producing Chevrolet et al, and start making Toyotas? But could GM make Toyotas as good as the ones Toyota produces??? Thanks for listening. CTF - C. T. Fletcher, 01/23/2008

I recently purchased a 2004 gmc 1500 pickup with about 75000 miles I had it less than a month I put about 600 miles on it I've had it in the shop 3 times already infact its in there now The check engine light stays on. Also when I start it in the morning the engine rattles is that normal they tell me it is can't believe it. Also

Detroit , General Motors Headquarters

i've had to add antifreeze to it I believe it is burning it. I am very dissapointed in the vehicle. What are my rights and will gm stand behind its product? I believe it will need a new engine
- kenneth, 02/04/2008

Hi, Ipurchased a WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL 'RED' Monte Carlo about 5 or 6 weeks ago it only had 18,200 miles and I was told by or salesman it just came in that morning on a Saturday and those people bought a Impala. OK I love in a kinda small town and everyone kinda knows my husband and I and I told them buying a used car is not like me but they said this one was just perfect for me (63 yrs old) and I is just like something I have always wanted, like Snappy)anyway it has everything and I mean everything except On Star. I have never had all this. It was so perfect and I asked over and over again do not lie to me and what is the history of the car, they would not tell me and said it was OK and now with the 'new' rules I can't get that info. Now that day when I was looking at other dealerships they all said they could tell me the history of all their used cars, like the buick dealer (which I should have went to in the first plase again)and also the dodge dealershipsaid the same thing. When I first drove the car there was virbration under my seat under the car but I told one of the guys and we agreed maybe it was the 281 highway, OK I bought it also with a 1/4 in deept gouge in the bumper in front bumper which the dealship said they will make it look real good and they have to do a complete check on the car it was not done that day because it was Saturday. So I take it in they check everything (supposedly) I get to drive it again and it is still viborating when you stop on the breaks take it in and it has a bow?? on the break drum, never caught, and never check breaks and no one drove it. Well it is kinda fixed but I still feel a slight vibration but my husband says I am emaging(?) it. So I will take it in again (still under warrenty and I also bought a $2,000.00 extended warranty when I bought the car. Now for fixing the chip It looks like they used fingernail polish. Now my husband took my car to Lincoln and It came home with about a 1 inch CHIP on the back bumper. Do you not make your bumpers better than that. I just can't believe those bumpers can CHIP like that. I love this car so much but why do these 2 bumpers chip???? Oh! the very small chip out in the front to fix it right they (Dinsdale Chev.Grand Island) quoted $823.00 to make it look nice THAT is ridiculous. I felt awful when you figure someone hit my car in Lincoln and no one left a note. My husband said he did not hit anything when he was at the hospital a couple of days. All I want is that how cheaply you make your bumpers and will this do this. I don't have the money to fix these lg chips. Everyone just says that is what you get when you buy a used car. Is that true? I am so sad I have always bought new cars and they are my prized possions and now it is just sad. Sorry for the long letter but I really can't believe General Motors would make the main bumperes. Do you think something happened to this car? How do I find this out and I am NOT paying $30.00 for this info on email. Please email me with an answer. And Thank You for listening and please do not think I am a women and do not know anything. Thanks Judy Murphy 2309 E. Stolley Park Rd. Grand Island, NE 68801 308 382-1202 -, 06/18/2006

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