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Tuskegee Airmen Museum

6325 Jefferson Ave

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Detail for Tuskegee Airmen Museum :

Located at Historic Fort Wayne, this museum houses WWII uniforms, photographs, documents, and models of the aircraft flown by the Tuskegee Airmen. - sys, 12/08/2001

Just wanted to update you on our two important publications: 1) TUSKEGEE AIRMEN by Charles Francis ISBN 0828320772, firth and only book published in 1955, now in its fourth edition 2) TUSKEGEE AIRMAN by Charlene McGee Smith ISBN 0828320462, in its second edition Best wishes for a happy New Year! ADOLPH CASO COL Retired ps: As a boy, World War II, I used to see them fight; I know first hand what they accomplished! - Adolph Caso, 12/30/2006

My Dad was a Tuskegee Airman. I remember when he came home when WWII was over, went to a nearby airport to apply for a position, and was flatly denied. I have the original photograph (portrait in oil) still in the original frame, when he graduated from flight school in Tuskegee. He has his 'new' pilot's wings on his uniform. The original frame has wings at the top and beveled glass over the picture. It hangs proudly in my dining room where I have a gallery of family pictures; most of which are 100 years old or better. If anyone remembers my Dad, I sure would like to hear from them! His name was William (Bill) Shuford. He was with the 332nd, and from Detroit Michigan. This is a great site! Keep the information coming! Sincerely, Beverly R. Sullivan -, 03/25/2002

I am from Tuskegee and it is great to know that someone is remembering these brave men. Keep up the work. - Daisy Alexander Smith, 01/06/2002

I have been using the Tuskegee Airmen - movie, materials, poster from Oshkosh Fly In, books etc for my class as a final project - I teach an alternative hs for high risk students and I have been told by these students in the past that this was the best thing they were exposed to in school (ave. 17 yr old Juniors) My heart is in the teaching of these brave men, not because of their color but because of their inner, yet the color issue is a big part of it - My four feet by three feet poster - signed by three Airman from Oshkosh graces my office wall - many are affected by it. I honor the way I am white- but that is not the point, just like what they were trying to do with their military actions. -, 05/29/2001

Finally a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen! - Letisia Ford, 02/17/2000

These men are so wonderful and make me feel good about my history. - swimmin29, 01/05/2000

Finaly some one is giving the recognition to the men of Tuskegee. - Charles Newby, 02/19/1999

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