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1225 Water (closed)

1225 N Water St
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Detail for 1225 Water (closed) : Bar / Live Music

. This entertainment complex features three bars under one roof: The Malibu Beach Club with dance floor, The Skyy Lounge which is the state's first oxygen bar, and award-winning Luke's Sports Bar. Delicious quick-service menu available, as are plenty of TVs and eclectic, high-octane nightlife. - alotta, 07/10/2002

I really enjoy the dirt cheap prices that this 'sort of club has to offer.The staff is very friendly and makes my gettin drunk that much better.I really wish they would throw in some more progressive, but hey its a small town,you gotta start somewhere.Oh yeah and heres a hint group participation events really brings people in and keeps them drinkin.Oh yeah i really like it when i see 7 bouncers kick one guy out and beat the hell out of him at the same time.You should put that on the bigscreen ,it was great last saturday.But what do i know hey im just a made man lol - Francis Frank, 02/23/2004

I love 1225! All the cutie pie youngens go there. Always a fun time. Not aware of any dress code for the ladies...but guys..if you want to get in - good luck...don't look like a slob, I guess...too preppy isn't good either, so choose your wardrobe carefully and don't get your hopes too high. My only complaint is that the dancefloor is too crowded...I don't like sweaty, smelly people bumping into me. - Anne, 07/31/2003

My friend was dressed desent when we went to 1225, and they wouldn't let him in. It made no sense. I think the only dress code they should have is to wear a shirt and pants. People are unique and they should be able to dress in what makes them comfortable. Other than that I like the place. - Alex, 06/20/2003

I too have gone to this bar many times and have never had any problems. Until this past Saturday! I came with my girlfriend at 8pm for a party. I was allowed in because I knew about their dresscode and wore something that I would be appropriate for this bar. At about 9:30, I had to leave to get my roomate who could not find the bar. When I came back, the security wouldn't allow me in because they said my jeans were 'too baggy'. I asked them why they didn't tell me this at 8pm when they let e in and they had no answer for me. I asked them if they could notify my girlfriend and friends that I couldn't get in and they would not. I asked them for their names so that I could call the owner about his issue and they would not. Not even all the free drinks in the world would want me to ever try to go back to 1225, even if I was in one of my $500 suits. I view this as discrimination and will take all of my business and my friends and their business as far away from 1225 as possible. Besides, the place isn't that classy and if they want to kick out locals who do come in with an acceptable dress code on, they should not harrass and decline them into the bar or even after they have one hour prior. Their are many good bars in Milwaukee that have better drinks, atmosphere, and crowd.... I encourage anyone to find those because 1225 is not one of those places and I'm never going again! - never going again, 06/09/2003

I love 1225, its Milwaukee's best gay only nightclub. Its so much better than La Cage and Orbit! - Bruce, 04/05/2003

I am sending this email to file a complaint with the 1225 establishment. On Saturday, Feb. 15th I was recently refused service to 1225 after patronizing your establishment with a party of 7. We were in 1225 from 9:30 to about 12:00 and were not aware of any dress code or rule changes taking place at a certain time. My cousin and I left to get food and were refused service upon returning, we were rudely denied access to 1225. The resons given for our denial of service were apsurd and not applicable.(baggy pants?) I am a 30 year old working professional and cannot believe that I was refused service while others with the same or worse pants were allowed inside. Furthermore, I was refused access to re-unite with my girlfriend and the rest of my party. Only after 20 min. of pleading did the doorman go and retrieve my girlfriend and party. I feel I was discriminated against and at this point I do not believe that I will ever come back to 1225 or recommend it in the future due to the discrimination I expierenced, which I believe to be discrimination on some other basis(race, creed...?). Furthermore, I plan to file with better busincess and post my expierences on on so people know the type of questionable behavior taking place at your tavern. I would like to know what action, if any is being taken to correct this situation since myself and my friends will not attend 1225 until I know that this issue has been resolved. Sincerely, Eric Tremelling - Eric, 02/16/2003

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