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Art's Performing Center

144 E Juneau Ave

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Detail for Art's Performing Center : Go Go

Near downtown - sys, 12/26/1999

fkg disgusting. They charge you at the door, the women are constantly up your ass about money and get mean if you don't give them any or they have a bouncer kick you out. The strippers are all ugly as sin because they are older ladies who have all had more than one child and you can tell by the stretch marks chewed up tittiez and gigantic bellies. These uhm ladies need to work out and lay off the booze! Plus the "table dance" is basically you paying them 20 so they can stand 2 feet away from you and talk to the bouncer while they wiggle around to one 3 minute song in front of you. They are way too strict here and the drinks are super expensive! I'd recommend to just keep your money and skip the trip! You would have way better luck with ladies at the bars around here! - partydude, 09/01/2010

I went to "On the Border" in Franklin, and that 25 minute drive was NOT worth it. Only 1 chick was able

Milwaukee , Art's  Performing  Center

to do pole tricks, the others just slid around the stage and showed patrons some A-Cup boobs that weren't worth 50 cents. At "Art's", it's NOT the whole in the wall everyone says. The chicks are much more high quality and can definitely do some impressive things on the pole. There IS a slightly private area for "lap dances" and all the staff is very polite and welcoming. The only thing I would definitely have to complain about are the PRICEY 6-DOLLAR SHOTS OF RAIL LIQUOR and 7-DOLLAR SHORT MIXERS...Drinks are WAAAYYYY too expensive but luckily you can get buzzed at the other 20 bars on Water Street before hitting this joint up! My fiancee and I would definitely come here again!
- Ms. Tilly ;), 02/06/2010

i paid one of those scarred b** $4.50 and got f** for more than 6 minutes! i'd recommend this classy joint - hornyguy, 01/17/2009

I think this is the best strip bar in milwaukee they have the best selection of women there i think it's a great place only problem i have i kow it's a strip bar but come on you have to lower the prices on the drinks for cryin out loud but otherwise it's a cool place! - punk rocker that goes there, 04/08/2003

I am one of the great performers of Art's Performing Center and I am confident in saying that the quality of women at this club far surpasses that of the other options here in Milwaukee. I encourage every person who reads this statement to check out our awesome pole tricks and beautiful bodies. We are outstanding, but you don't have to take my word for it! Stop in and see for yourself - Sunshine, 08/17/2002

Every strip club in the Milwaukee area the girls will walk around for dollars. This one though has the best looking girls in town. The bouncers, waitresses, and bar tenders are very friendly. I've been to all the clubs in Milwaukee the only other good one is Heart breakers. But Art's is on Juneau and Water St. so it's a great place for bar hopping. - Danny, 09/18/2000

The girls there are a little different that what I'm used to. Not the usual Go Go bar atmosphere! I was constantly solicited for dollar bills by girls just walking around the bar. No real entertainment but mostly just ladies hanging around. Maybe it's changed now but when I was there about 6 months ago it wasn't the best in the city. - Rob Roop, 03/13/1999

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