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City Lights Chill

111 W Howard Ave
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Detail for City Lights Chill : Gay / Bar

Most people describe this gay bar as a casual and comfortable corner bar. If you've got attitude, try another bar. There are just regular gay folks here. It's located just a mile north of the airport at the edge of the Bayview neighborhood. It's only 3 blocks east of I-43. It's known for it's Full Moon parties, Underwear parties, and special occasion parties. If you like the Packers, they have 2-4-1 on Sundays with food at half time. - Pat S, 09/13/2006

This place is out of business.... - Bob, 11/30/2010

Did not care for the place. Will never strep foot in again. Too bad- it was out of the loop and a nice change but the staff was rude. Will spend my $$$ elsewhere. - Disappointed, 05/05/2008

This place is the pits. I never met a less friendly crowd (if you call a hand full of people a crowd) Bartenders come and go as do vsitors. The two owners are always looking for hook-ups. Very inappropriate. They won't be in business much longer. They only way they attract people is be having preverted parties. - guy777, 04/25/2008

I don't know what to make of this place. I went there on a whim with some friends on a Saturday around 11pm and it was like a morgue! They have a kick-ass internet jukebox but the volume is set so low it's not worth the high price to play it. According to the bartender many genres of music are blocked as well. What's the point? They have a photo booth that is too expensive for what you get... a free shot of cheap house rot gut if you give them one of the photos. As a neighborhood bar, they're trying to hard be something they're not. Drinks are overpriced and although the bartender denied it, my shot of Jose Cuervo was definitely watered down. I don't recommend this place. The atmosphere stinks, and they water down their liquors. It's a definite RIP OFF. - capncaos, 04/09/2008

I had a great time there for their full moon party. The music was great and everyone there is very friendly. I didn't see any cliques or any drama. Their patio is very dark and very private if you know what I mean. - Kyle, 06/04/2007

Great Place to kick back and chat with the locals and out-of-towners that come from the local hotels near the airport. Being only about a mile north of the airport makes it easy to stop in for a couple while staying in the area airport hotels. Great Pizza too!!!! ( not a store brand that's for sure!!) The bars website address is - Steve, 05/13/2007

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