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Club Paradise

813 S 1st St

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Detail for Club Paradise : Bar

Gentlemen's Club, exotic female dancers - redfish, 04/14/2000

The club has gone through a great transformation with an addition and bigger stages. The dancers there are better now with stricter auditions. It's a more of a "country" style with wood walls, more room to move around, a new and improved, bigger men's room, small TV's in the bar top, TV's in the men's room. The inside really impressed me. Nice place to take friends and have a good time. - Tim, 05/14/2008

Well this place is f'ing scary...the girls all belong to gangs and their pimps and crews frequent the place. Do not get involved with any lap dance issues....women are broke...two black sisters work their...very cute and may be underage...but probably the best strippers I have ever seen...better than vegas. But be careful you can get shot out there...I think you are better off not going the crowd is very malignant...the older woman stripper does afterparties for cocaine and boos....good luck...woke up next morning - Scared, 06/25/2007

Gon to this club several times and I like the company of the women, especially one named Kylie. The club is a nice place to enjoy the entertainment and have some fun. The owner did a good job redoing the club from the previous owner. - Tim, 07/20/2006

I met a asian dancer there and now she no longer dances there ANYONE know where she went? I think her name was Elaine. - richard, 10/21/2004

Dripping Wet Entertainment is an upscale massage service servicing Milwaukee check out their website!! - SHANE, 01/07/2004

C.P. is a nice place that is great. If you get the chance, go there. The dancer, Tracy, is very nice to watch and talk to. - joe, 12/26/2003

THIEVES! Listen guys - NEVER, EVER, EVER step into their Champagne lounge or private rooms - they have a proven formula of robbing you blind. I was shocked (and I mean SHOCKED) when they hit me up for my bill. The girls immediately double & tripple team you with their 'friends' and suddenly you are paying $90 + 10% for each dance. I was robbed blind here by some beautiful girls. Never again - more fool me! Please be warned - Patrick, 11/20/2003

This place rocks!!! And is right near the HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO, my favorite spot in Vegas! - Howard, 04/24/2003

I really enjoyed kim the topless dancer - USMC20053, 05/05/2001

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