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Comedy Cafe

615 E Brady
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Detail for Comedy Cafe : Comedy Club

Classic and contemporary comedy Thurs - Sat. Reservations required. - alotta, 03/22/2000

I went on a Thursday night. Great place to go on a first date! Once catch; The valet person was rude and a jerk. Next time I'm parking my own car. - Shelly, 05/26/2002

Awesome comedians, great drinks, valet parking, and laughs you and your friends can share for a long time-- what more can you ask for! This place ROCKS! - enjoying life!, 05/06/2002

loved it, valet parking was great,comedians were great, fun, fun night. i laughed till i got a cramp - ch, 01/28/2002

I was in there on a Thursday evening when the comedian from All My Children was supposed to be there but he wasnt and he was replaced by someone else. I was rather upset by a change that wasnt told to us when we came to the door, I spoke with our waitress and she had me put my name address and number on a piece of paper and told us that we would receive a free party, well that has been a few months and I have not heard anything yet.

Milwaukee , Comedy Cafe

Thank you for your time, Sheri Wilks
- sheri wilks, 07/26/2001

I went last night 1/6/01 with friends, and it was awesome! It was hilarious, the drinks were good, and it was an overall fun experience! Come on down....I think I'm gonna make this an every weekend thing now! - Tiffany, 01/07/2001

The entertainment was good. The place was small and the valet guys were making rude comments to eachother about the people I was with. Not cool. - anonymous, 08/05/2002

I had one hell of a time at the Cafe. The comics were excellent, courteous staff, and efficient valet guys. Great time............... - luca brazzi, 08/24/2002

A fantastic club! I went there in 10/02 when Paul Mercurio played, and it was a fantastic night! J.D. even let me chat with him after the show. Very friendly waitress who knew her stuff about comedy. One of the very best experiences I've had at a comedy club. - Dan McCormick,, 12/02/2002

I always wanted to do this. Sorry I waited so long. Had the best time. Laughed until my jaws hurt. Would HIGHLY recomend it to anyone with a sense of humor - Scott, 12/11/2002

If you want great laughs and drinks this is the place! I've been to a least a half dozen shows over the year and not one has been dissappointing. We saw John Rizzo the last time and he made us laugh til we cried. Awesome place. Friendly staff. - g.a.b., 02/02/2003

Friday night was my first time going to Comedy Cafe and it was great. I loved it. The drinks are off the hook! The comedians were awesome! Thanks! - Vanessa, 02/11/2003

Stressful work week. Decided to do something different. First time at comedy club. We all 4 laughed throughout the evening. Great wait staff and valet parking. Going to make it a regular event. - 40 somethings, 02/23/2003

Went a month ago and the four of us (40-50 ages) had a great time. Laughed to tears. Going back tonight...and the valet service was great. - sue 031503, 03/15/2003 - no parking problems, the best alternative to the rude ass valet guys. There is a huge parking lot... - anonymous, 04/28/2003

I and 10 of friends just visited your club for the first time on Friday 05/02 and saw Rob Little. I would have to say this is one of the best comedians and acts I have seen in a long time. It truly was an enjoyable evening. Thanks for being in Milwaukee. - Brenda Jackson, 05/06/2003

Hello! We certainly enjoyed the show 2 Weeks ago. - HIPSLED@WEBTV.NET, 06/27/2003

Hello I have visited your cafe a few times. I was wondering if I get a Large enough group together (10+), If I can have free tickets with a 2 Drink Minimun. I have won tickets in the past. I was interested on Aug 1st, the late show, because I have company flying in to visit, and they were interested in going! Thank You! Rosie 414-719-3708 - Rosie, 07/18/2003


Everything was great. Comedians were a riot, drinks were intoxicating, and hot waitresses. Was there for the 11/14/03 show. - SherBear, 11/18/2003

We went up with a large group of friend's a month ago now we are going again.We had the best drinks,and some of the best laughs!This is great to do with your friends as a group!Can't wait till this weekend.Thanks - April, 06/14/2004

Comedy Cafe is great, very fun place to go. Kudos!! - liz, 07/08/2004

Comedy Cafe is GREAT! No complaints whatsoever. Great website: - Wildman, 09/29/2004

If you are someone that's enjoys rude and impatient wait staff and management, this is the place for you. The comedian was great, but my experience was spoiled by the worst service I have ever received. Coming from someone that was a waitress at one point and gives the benefit of the doubt, it's a pretty serious accusation. - HeidiB, 09/26/2005

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