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LaCage - Etc

801 S 2nd
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Detail for LaCage - Etc : Nightclub / DJs

LaCage currently has two floors of entertainment. DJs and special rotate weekly. The upper level (third floor) is in development. - wm, 04/04/2008

Always have a great time out there when we are in milwaukee. - Steve, 12/19/2008

LaCage has been one of the only gay dance clubs in Milwaukee in the past 20+ years. My friends and I have been going here for 6 years or so. We've seen plenty of changes in the place; a restaurant in ETC, pool table. The upper dance area is now open, unlike the wall-divided version of yester-year. Now a days, they have import DJs from Chicago, like DJ Wizz Kid and DJ Surface. Overall, I think that this is THE place to go if you wanna dance the night away. -, 04/04/2008

Management and owners don't seem to have a clue how to run a night club. The music, if that's what you call it there, is the same week after week. I was there all night tonight and the only word that comes to mind to describe this bar is 'tired'. The bartender at front corner

Milwaukee , LaCage - Etc

of the club *the second and national corner* ignored me when I tried to get a drink. It is NOT worth the cover charge to get in to a club with such poor service and bad music.
- QTboi, 04/05/2008

okay here is the deal, if you're gay and find yourself in Milwaukee, LaCage is definitely going to be a highlight of the night. Great staff, great music. It is the place to be! - Drewbie, 04/06/2008

I have been coming to La Cage for 8 years now and working there for 2. It's always been the place to be and still is. The 2 rotating Saturday DJ's are FABULOUS. - your mom, 04/05/2008

This place is a blast. The drinks are well-made and the music is hot. My only complaint is that I wish more people would come earlier on a Saturday night. It doesn't get going until about midnight... and then there's only a little over two hours to party! But, if you're looking for THE gay hotspot in Milwaukee, this is the place to check out. - Bill2K8, 04/09/2008

LaCage is a nice place to go to listen to some of the hottest club hits mixed by great DJ's. The crowd is different every night, but the weekends are when it is the best to go there. Hot Bartenders and good drinks make the club a place to keep coming back to week after week. - Dan, 04/07/2008

I have always enjoyed La Cage, and have been going there off and on for many years. It's a fun and friendly place to hang out in Milwaukee. Doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, stop by for the fun drink specials, the DJ's, and a great time in general. - Jess, 04/05/2008

Place was a dump. If you're looking for a decent nightclub, stay away from it. I'd rather spend my money walking through a sewer. - Neon_Haze, 10/22/2007

Although LaCage has the'remodeling' done - It still needs work. Yeah, the music has a smooth transition from song to song, but it's still not up to date. And the pink & blue neon has to go! Convert to 2002! Get some stainless steal and a cutting edge look! - JeB, 04/27/2002

This is the premiere dance club to be at. There are lots of different music styles, and something different each nite. You may also check out my site: for more details on La Cage in Milwaukee. -, 03/06/2002

Remodel, remodel remodel. That's all they do here. The music... MY GOD, THE MUSIC! What's up with 'Who Let The Dogs Out?' anyway? Is that danceable music? Was it danceable even when the song was popular? And ABBA... come on, people. Just because it's a gay club doesn't mean that Dancing Queen and other song from that era need to be played. They had their time in history... HISTORY... get it? I don't think so. Don't get me wrong... LaCage is a great space. But if you're looking for great dance music from, say, the last year or two, do NOT go to this club. They need to pull their heads out and do some research. Or... dump that DJ Tanya who doesn't seem to know a thing about current music, but clearly likes to hear herself talk over the sound system. - Jon, 01/02/2002

This is the Premiere gay night club in the area. - JK, 07/27/2003

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