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Rave - Eagles Auditorium

2401 W Wisconsin Ave

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i went to see evanescence last night and it was pretty good......the only thing is...don't expect to get a drink after the show...look out for poor people asking for money on the side of the building....and watch out for poor ppl coming around the corners when u stop at the nearest soda machine... - fallen, 05/21/2003

On Friday, April 11th, I went to the Good Charlotte/New Found Glory concert with some of my friends and it kicked @$$!!! I LOVED IT! - Brenna Stingl, 04/13/2003

I went to the Coldplay concert on March 12, and I was very disappointed at the band. It lasted an hour, and they only played a few songs! I paid too much for my ticket and drove from Chicago to see them perform and it just sucked! The crowd was dead and it seemed like they were just waiting to listen to the most popular songs (those played on the radio). The venue was cool though, and the bartenders were really cool! ehehheh - Maggie, 03/20/2003

Beware of parking scams! My fiance and I were not the only ones to fall for

Milwaukee , Rave - Eagles Auditorium

what seems to be an all to common occurance. Under no circumstances should you ever park in the lot to the left of The Rave's main parking lot located directly behind the building. In our case, there was a man collecting a standard $5 parking charge for use of this perticular lot, after the show lets out...our car is gone!!! Thinking it had been stolen, we call the cops and go through a night of hell, only to find out it had been towed by the owner of the lot. Not knowing what towing company they used, we had a very tough time tracking down our car. The police were of no help, the Rave staff were of no help, and the owner of the building is not easily found. $265 and 11 hours later we had our car. We finally found it at Ray's towing company, who oddly enough had every Rave show marked on the calendar behind thier desk. Long story short, beware of parking scams!
- The Wandering Drunk, 03/12/2003

I went to the Good Charlotte/Simple Plan concert at the Rave, and I absolutely loved the set up there. It is the ultimate club to rock out at!! - Kyle Marie, 03/05/2003

cool backstage dressing room,STROKES- good, SAVES THE DAY- ROCKED!!! - lynzi, 01/12/2003

My friends and I saw Box Car Racer at the Rave on November 12. It was an awesome concert. - Lindsey K., 12/31/2002

i saw taproot and mudvayne at the rave the day after thanksgiving. the perfect venue for the best to bands ever created!!!! - james temby, 12/03/02, 12/03/2002

The Eagles Ballroom is not suitable for musical shows if you actually want to hear the music. If you are seeing a punk band or something similar and the musicianship itself isn't all that important, then it would probably be fine. The Rave is slightly better sounding but is still actually quite bad compaired to an average room. The sence I have gotten having been to this building recently is that the owners don't actually want you anywhere near the place. The parking is Chicago like and the people working the doors are beyond rude. If you ever go to this place make sure you don't bring anything with you. If you have a dangerous looking rubber monster in your possesion they will force you to throw it away. Just a word of warning. I wish the ownership would care just a little about the people who want to attend shows at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom - Jeff, 11/30/2002

As a local I've gone too many concerts. My first in '97 or'98 was Less Then Jake since then I've been hooked. The Warp tour, (HED)PE, Green day just name a few. I highly recomend that all who like rock or punk should come and enloy. Eagle's ballroom sometimes has bad acoustics but The Rave part is generally always a good show room. Going to Goldfinger tonight. Hope to see you there sometime. -, 08/20/2002

Next time you are planning on having a show there, try using air conditioning! I found this place to be completely disgusting and had to leave early due to severe heat! Not only did I travel two hours to get there, I ended up leaving one of my favorite performer's shows early. Thanks! - Anonymous, 07/31/2002

ah, since my first concert ever on Jan 24th 2000 when i saw Green Day live, i have never been disapointed. I will be a Eagle's Ballroom, and Rave boy forever. Great big dark dingy punk rocker's atmosphere, that holds character worth never forgetting. This place rocks a 9.6 out of 10 for concert halls. It takes Riveria in Chicago anyday! - benjhaas, 05/11/2002

Best place to go to in all of Wisconsin! Ballroom is still the best place to blow out ear drums at too. - kevin, 12/12/2001

awesome venue! great for moshing and crowd surfing. saw fear factory there tonight and they kicked ass! plenty of great bands come through every month, sometimes every week. 11 out of 10! - sean, 07/20/2001

good vibe, great dj's ...ok price....9 out of 10 - chad, 05/26/2000

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