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Detail for Safehouse : American, Bar

Safehouse (International Exports Limited) is a James Bond type bar with lots of wacky stuff. Special drink menu (About $5.00 each and you get to keep the cool glass). They serve lunch and dinner, feature comedy acts during the week, and have dancing in the evenings. Have fun finding the bar and getting in. Also don't forget to check out the phone booths just before you leave. - sys, 12/26/1999

Open for lunch Mon - Sat, dinner nightly. Internationally known for its James Bond décor and thematically-named, imaginative dishes. - alotta, 07/10/2000

. Open for lunch Mon - Sat 11:30 am - 2:30 pm; dinner Mon - Thurs 5 pm - 9 pm, Fri - Sat 5 pm - 9:45 pm, Sun 4 pm - 8 pm. Prices range from $6 - $15. Internationally known for James Bond décor and creative surprises, enjoy gourmet sandwiches and entree SPYcials served in this hideout. Enter through International Exports Ltd. office. Attractions include a Magic Bar Sun - Thurs, Casino Royale nights Tues - Sat, DJ and dancing Fri - Sat, and much, much more! Be

Milwaukee , Safehouse

sure to take home the cool collector glass that comes with your beverage. - alotta, 07/10/2002

moms first bar was this when she turned 18 (drinking age was 18 then) and I celebrated here for my 21st........AWESOME place. The speciality drinks are awesome, I defintely recommend the Spy's Demise, and if you are daring, the Mission Impossible. Wonderful atmosphere, fun things to explore, and a simply awesome magician who does a few shows! also really fin to watch them shake thier Spytini's once you're really getting buzzed :) have anyone coming in from out of town? This is DEFINTELY a Must-See! - gen, 11/27/2006

excellent place to hang out~~ if you're going for dinner you can make your reservation ahead of time. they don't have a whole lot for dinner entrees but they're still good. vegetarians can try the stuffed shrimps... can't say anything else about it otherwise i'd spoil your fun~~~ 100% recommended! - nic, 08/11/2003

I just got back from Milwaukee, I was there for Harley-Davidsons 100th but I must say the Safehouse was the highlight of the trip. Oh by the way all of the above passwords are wrong, part of the fun is going and trying to get the password without the webs help. - Nephandi, 09/01/2003

I've been there many times, and I must encourage all the girls to rub Burt's plate in the ladies' room. Heh. - BlacklightBabe, 05/20/2003

Great atmosphere, and remember, the front door is not the ONLY way in!!! Secret agents can't always announce their arrival and must enter by other means...check it out. Highly recommended. - Mic G., 05/17/2003

I visited the Safehouse in was great fun! I had the 'Incognito' (at least one!). I have not been to Milwaukee since, but in the event that I ever come back that way, it will be one of the top spots to see again! I saw it on the 'Best of' show on the food network and was really excited to see that you are still there! Do you still have the puzzle on the wall of the 15 spies? What a fun place! - kalola, 04/23/2003

for covert operations, (milwaukee's) safe house cannot be beat. from cover phones to secret exits, this place has it all. being a VIO gives you even more perks, including making you look cool to your friends. - drake, 02/26/2003

i love this place.. i live in Australia and get to Milwaukee once a year. The Safe House is a must visit every time.. - Kev Ormond, 01/09/2003

I love this place. :) - Bill Cowell, 08/15/2002

very fun atmosphere none like it anywhere! ill be back soon. - jeff reichartz, 07/28/2002

bring friends who don't know the password. you get to go in..they have to stay out front and be humiliated. and you get to watch it all unfold live. awesome. - hoorock, 06/14/2002

I've been there once and it was great!! We went for my buddy's 21st B-day. One of our group knew the password but she wanted to 'deflower' us properly so she wouldn't tell us. I'm glad she didn't cause the reaction on my friend John's face was priceless when he realized that everyone in the bar just saw his bare kiester rubbed on the birthday boy while we all sang 'happy birhtday' as seductively ass possible. It was a very original place and a lot of fun. I recommend it if you are ever in the area. - Chris, 05/27/2002

Awesome place!--cooler than anyplace in downtown Chicago..if you sit at the front bar on the stool closest to the front door, you get a free drink voucher every time someone orders the 'Mission Impossible'...totally cool!! A definate 'must see'!! - Kelli-Chicago, 03/28/2002

Very cool place. drinks are pricey. a must if you're in beer-city. password has been the same since I was a kid, it's 'I'm looking for...' (aaarrrrgghhhh!!!) - TDAC, 08/07/2001

An incredibly unique venue that goes beyond a 'bar'. No other place in the midwest has this much depth and fervor - THE BEST!!!! - Veronica, 05/10/2001

We stumbled upon this place (the alley is cool) and were sucked into a great wedding aniversersity celibration. We are coming back 1-27-27!!!! Will see you then!!! - Steve&Kathy T., 01/19/2001

First visited da house in 1980 when New Wave was king... Had a fantastic time and still remember the drink named Hail to the Chief... Go in and get lost in the fun... - Sammy B, 01/07/2001

a mustsee if you are ever in Milwaukee. Take it from a native. - anonymous, 06/15/2000

Go on someone's b-day and make sure to call ahead and reserve the special birthday treatment!!!!!!!!! - c.jones, 01/05/2000

Are there any other bars like this one around? I loved it! - missy, 10/18/1999

Wow! This may be one of the best hot spots of the city! It has something for everyone, including a dance floor. The drinks are excelent. The atmosphere can suck you in. The staff is fun, you can tell they enjoy their jobs. - Heather, 09/16/1999

safehouse, great place. the password is simple. - yurchenko, 07/07/1999

A great place to go once in a while. You can watch from a screen in the bar people outside who don't know the password to enter. Lots of cool things to see in the bar once your out for the bathrooms, and by the way the password is............ - scott, 04/23/1999

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