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Shaker's Cigar Bar

422 S 2nd

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Detail for Shaker's Cigar Bar : Fine Dining / Cigars

Rating     Rating: 1 planets.
     The service is horrible and it seems to me they judge customers on appearence and that determines how the staff treats you! Bottom line food was ok, very over priced and service was horrible! Will not recommend this treatment to anyone! Milwaukeans stay away! Worse service ever in Milwaukee!
           - Tummy .. Apr 28, 2013 09:25:39

Milwaukee's only cigar bar! Features: wine, spirits, & great food. - sys, 12/26/1999

Terrible value. High priced small drinks. The place is filthy, hasn't been cleaned in years. Wired place with an owner rushing up to everyone and saying "welcome home." What - not this dump. - Mark from Fox Point, 08/08/2011

Shakers IS still a cigar bar, it has one of the finest selections of cigars in the area. The food is undoubtedly world class. I have had great meals in New York at Bobby Flay's restaurant and another great meal at Emeril LaGasse's in Las Vegas. The food at Shakers is as good and less expensive. Owner and head chef Bob Weiss is the consumate host and welcomes the guest "home" without failure. I always enjoy myself there and I have been 'entertained" by tghe diverse clientele many many times. Try the Ghost Tour you will not be disappointed. Recently ate the Puffer Fish, expertly prepared. What a great surprise enjoying the flavor profile emmensely. - podsjim, 08/22/2011

Filthy dirty old bar with $12 cocktails and stupid bartenders. A complete ripoff. what a dump. - Raymond, 08/11/2011

Terrible food, overpriced

Milwaukee , Shaker's Cigar Bar

drinks and rude bartenders. Make this place a big zero in my opinion. The owner is this wired little guy that thinks he is endearing himself by telling everyone "welcome home." Not this overpriced dump.
- Milwaukee Mike, 06/17/2011

Short pour on drinks, exceedingly higher price than anyplace in town on everything. Generally the place is empty - Wonder why????? - TJ, 02/10/2011

Will you be open for business 1/25/2011, around 4pm? Can we smoke cigars inside your establishment? Thanks. - pt, 01/19/2011

Be sure to visit the web page at - Don Bates, 01/13/2011

Love, love, LOVE! This place is amazing. Not only is the food great (I had the scallops and my husband had the shrimp), but the wine selection is great and my husband enjoyed the schlitz on tap from an original schlitz establishment. The service was amazing- we were immediately greeted by Amanda who gave us plenty of information about the menu and the whole shakers history. I was amazed by how knowledgeable the staff was! This is certainly a place we will frequent from now on and a place I will make sure all of my friends

Milwaukee , Shaker's Cigar Bar

come to as well!
- Maria, 12/10/2009

One of my worst dining experiences in Milwaukee. $12 for a cracker pizza on a bath tile. $4 for a coke with no free re-fills. The meatballs come on top of a bowl of melted mozzarella, and the bruschetta is much the same. High-end prices for very average food and ridiculously small portions. Never going back. Oh yeah, service barely even existed in the place. - MkeDiner, 08/11/2009

Upon entrance at Shakers one is bathed in a wooden nostalgic charm. I''m greeted by the staff welcoming me home (my first time here) and I already know I'm coming back. I feel like I am at Cheers, everyone talks to each other and the staff is some of the friendliest. Shakers is still a cigar bar, and offering one of the best selections in milwaukee. The owner, also still Bobaloo, is knowledgeable is most culinary and palatable experiences, pick his brain, ask what he made for specials and you won't be disappointed. I am most certainly going back to this trinket for the taste bud approval and the plethora of unique visitors returning "home." - J, 03/03/2009

on a recent visit to shakers-appetizers...fresh new england clamsexpertly prepped. fresh clams are easy to prepare but like octopus almost everyone misses the mark by a wide margin. these were without a doubt fresh. lobster was also an off menu offering that was only a day fresh from ye olde fishing grounds. pizzas made fresh, had the roman style za and it was the right touch of olive oil, basil and spices. no tomatoe sauce on that one, of course. someone else at the bar ordered a steak that was done exactly right, with a good searing and then a deep baking arriving in good time and judging by the cut of the knife was done excellent. the gent that ordered it was happy as a ? but had some kooky theories on us tax law and 9-11. he had no theories on that food! his came with pasta and half shell shell food. word is that a secret supplier will be bringing in copper river ak salmon come the season. all this from a small kitchen being piloted by bobaloo (owner?) and expertly guided to a taste that let every little subtlety come thruoghtime and in combination that left us with continuing surprises of taste that were continually changing but ringing through with the predominant taste of the main food feature. - bellecat, 12/31/2008

Zinfandelli's (formerly Shaker's cigar bar) still offers GREAT food, excellent wines and top shelf drinks by the finest staff in downtown Milwaukee. Go check it out, you won't be dissapointed! - Angie, 01/23/2002

Shakers is no longer a cigar bar. I cannot remember the name right now, but it is still a resturant/bar with the same owner Bobaloo. - Greg Landig, 08/25/2001

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