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11400 W Silver Spring
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Detail for Silk : Gentlemen's / Strip Club

22,000 square feet; luxury champagne rooms, elevated VIP area, 9 plasma screens, private couch rooms. "Perfect for business, bachelor party, or just a great night out." - wm, 11/27/2004

Went here a couple years back to follow a favorite girl (smokin hot Asian girl) that had just moved over to Silk. Anyhow, come in and get the "Vegas treatment".. basically a big guy in a tux welcoming you at the door. Umm, gee thanks. The night progresses okay. My girl is there and she visits when she wasn't performing. She gets me into the VIP area right away. Had a dance during the 2for1--which was nowhere near as good as what she'd given me at her former place.. the whole vibe I got at Silk was a hustle for my money. Much more so than *any* other club I've been to. After the 2for1, she becomes exceedingly pushy about getting me into a private room. Mind you, I never do private rooms cuz I know the game. I'm just there to have fun and throw out a few bucks--but nothing serious. But I relented with her cuz I'd known her for a while and decided to play along. The private dance was no better than the public one. And it seemed a lot shorter than it was supposed to be. So chalk up another minus. In the meantime someone cleaned off my table (there were no other people in the VIP area at that time--just waitresses), disposing of our drinks, shirt, etc. After the private dances my girl basically turfed me--said she'd be back in a while. Then another stripper talked me into asking her into the VIP area. She turned out to be a total loser.. b*thching about this, that, etc. I gave that scene about 15 minutes then bounced. Later in the week I get a call from my credit card company--the number had been lifted. And they were trying to use it near that general area. This card I only use for traveling so it was 90% likely it was lifted at Silk. Yeah I never use a credit card at the strip clubs but the private dance cleared me out ($300). Plus you'd figure a place like this would be above those shenanigans--but alas. So yeah I made some tactical blunders that night--but definitely watch your back there. VERY pushy women, that don't deliver. You're better off going to On The Border or something. Can't recommend the Airport Lounge either--bunch of amateurs pushing you to buy inflated drinks. I frequented Arts somewhat regularly but that turned into a crackhead scene.. not sure what it's like now tho. - Traveler, 06/26/2010

watch your credit card or bar tab CLOSELY! they charged an additional $500 on my tab that i never knew about until my card was declined later in the week. very rude waitresses also!!! - rtist3000, 09/22/2009

watch your cash the will try to over charge you by trying to make you pay for dances you did not get - jal0618, 11/09/2008

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