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Steny's Tavern

800 S 2nd

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Outdoor patio available during season. Usually very crowded. - sys, 12/26/1999

Open daily, Foods prices range from $3 - $5. Bask in a comfortable atmosphere while tasting homemade food and a signature Bloody Mary. Pool and darts available, as are satellite-televised games. Open 365 days a year. Friendly service! - alotta, 07/10/2002

On Sunday Feb. 22nd 2004, my wife and another couple went to Steny's to watch the Nascar Rockingham Race. This was our second race, of at least the 16 we signed up for. After the race was over, there was to be a drawing for racing related prizes for those patrons who had already signed up. After the race was finished, the 4 of stayed for the prize drawings. I learned there was not to be a drawing. As I happened to look down the bar, I witnessed that the prize of the day, a #17 Matt Kenseth Smirnoff Ice mini hood, was being handed over the bar to another patron, who happened to be wearing Matt Kenseth gear. I called Laura Jean over, to where we were seated at the

Milwaukee , Steny's Tavern

bar, and asked he! r when the drawings were going to be held. Her response to me was, "That becasue there were so many "nonrace watchers" that had enetered the bar, she was not going to do a drawing. But I could have Bud Light and Miller Light hat instead if I wanted. We stayed expecting a drawing and were cheated only to be offered another prize and only because I asked what was going on? We will not be viewing anymore races at Steny's because of this. - Mark S, 02/24/2004

The inside of stenys is one of the most beautiful bars in milwaukee. Friendly staff, great service, and amazing food. There are plasma tv's everywhere you look, brand new tables and bar itself, and you leave the place not even smelling like smoke. One of the most hardworking,loyal owners in the business, always improving the place in stride to be the best. DONT LEAVE WITHOUT TRYING THE WINGS! - Melissa Fosdick, 03/31/2009

what a dump - bob, 07/27/2007

Great place for a beer after work, and the staff is freindly. - Frank, 08/06/2003

I am a national promoter from the John Mellencamp Summerfest concert.I,along with several of my associates,were very impressed with the vocals and instrumentation of the Tony's Tygers Band. This is probably the best We've seen and a credit to your fine establishment. James Barry -, 03/10/2003

The place is really nice. Great bartenders, food and poker runs once a month. You will definitely enjoy it. - Lady Harley, 09/25/2002

Average bar for Walker's Point. However very crowded due in part to great drink specials. - scott, 04/23/1999

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