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Wolski's Tavern

1836 N Pulaski
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Detail for Wolski's Tavern : Old time d

I lived in Milwaukee for the entire decade of the eighties and Wolski's was always fun to drop in at. It's a shame I was always too busy to hang there more often. Friendly people, nice atmosphere, fair prices. I live in Phoenix now, but good memories take me back there once in a while. - Pete Christensen, 12/23/2008

Without doubt, the finest tavern in all of North America. Wolski's is what Milwaukee is all about....the best, most down-to-earth people on the planet. We miss it terribly. Now living in St. Louis. - scott and suzanne, 10/23/2008

Being of the same nameing field it has intriged me that such a bar exists. While it is widely know we do appreciate a good drop. I first learned of this place through an Austalian Harley prefered motorbike magazine called Heavy Duty, Doc, one of the contributers & tech head for said mag raved on about being one of the must do's while in Milwaukee. I'll get there on day - Steve Wolski Australia, 05/20/2008

Best thing about Woskis is there is no f--- there - Travis, 03/09/2007

This bar has real character. ALl others try.... but

Milwaukee , Wolski's Tavern

Wolski's is the only one that's got it goning on!!
- JoBo2756, 09/24/2006

I remember seeing the bumper sticker 'I closed Wolski's' and felt bad that this place called Wolski's closed. At the time, I did not know what closing a bar meant. Well, many years ago, some of my friends talked me into going to Wolski's and I made many life time friends, including the Bondar boys, Dennis, Michael and Bernie. I even met my ex-husband there. It was love at first sight. I haven't been there in many years but I will try to get down there for the Xmas season just to see old friends. lk - lrkoel, 09/09/2005

up late tonight and missing milwaukee...and of course my thoughts go to wolski's. I closed wolskis many times between 1982 and 1986. Believe I was the only female bartender at that time. Wonder is any of my old 'regulars' are still checking in. I've been in California and now New York since 1987. Also, miss working with Dennis...he gave me all the tips and he was so cute that we did well. New

Milwaukee , Wolski's Tavern

York, New York...remember it all...And Bernie was a great landlord and Mike....wonder how he is? (Diane from Cheers)
- diane m, 08/21/2005

I use to live at Wolski's in the early to mid eighties. I played for the dart team and the pool team. Got into alot of fights with my ex their. Oh the memories. Every time I went there I could hear the grateful Dead and have a weissbeir. Greatest corner bar ever. I'm in NC now. I'd love to get back. I need a new 'Escape to Wolski's' sticker for my beer fridge. - Scott Wallace, 09/22/2004

By far the best bar in town. You can't put your finger on why, you just have to go and find out. Whether you are with 20 people, or just one, it's a good time had by all! - Nate- Milwaukee, WI, 10/01/2003

I closed Wolski's' numerous times bewteen 1978 and 1983. The last 20 years I've spent in the Navy and haven't been back much, but all my cars have been adorned with the bumper stickers I collected. My favorite time was driving around southern Spain in my little orange Spanish with a bumper sticker no one could read. - Tom, 09/11/2003


Milwaukee , Wolski's Tavern

times were had by all, but you gotta remember the rules. Eat before you come
- jc, 07/09/2003

It is becoming one of my life ambitions to one day visit this bar as my surname is also Wolski, and i'm determined to get my hand on a car sticker to display and be proud of. Jan Wolski, Leicester, England -, 05/08/2003

God Bless Wolski's! I have partied there several times over the past 5 years with friends of mine who live across the street from the bar. This place rocks! I was recently in town from Peoria, IL with buddies for the Lisiak wedding and would like to tip my hat to the outstanding staff at Wolski's for making us feel like 'regulars', if only for the weekend. PJ, Dennis, and Bernie; guys are awesome! Thanks! Great bloody mary's too! Can't wait to get back there! - Jon Rogers - Peoria, IL, 03/07/2003

Bernie's air-compressor, Eastside Dark, no jukebox, mugs of beer, pinball, flags on the ceiling, the only place to end a pub-crawl, keeping afterbars alive, Scholiosis Mike playing pool, metal-tipped darts in a place where everyone's drunk, and bumper stickers. Lots and lots of bumper stickers. 'I've Got Pals on Pulaski.' Maybe you should get some too. - Bob C., 01/03/2003

I closed Wolskis many times in the late seventies. Through the years have seen several cars with 'I closed Wolski's' bumper stickers (usually upside down) and always makes my day. Put away many PBRs there with Dan R, Jim G, Tom K,etc. Some of my very best memories of the years I lived in Milwaukee. - G Clay Iowa, 12/29/2002

I spent a few months in Milwaukee a couple years back. I loved hanging out at Wolski's, especially to see the boxing kangaroo flag which always reminded me of home. I proudly display my bumper sticker in my room. Can't wait to come again for some great drinks, great people and great times. I CLOSED WOLSKI'S!!!! ON MANY OCCASIONS!!! - Dane Boicos. Melbourne, Australia, 11/28/2002

This is indeed a landmark for the east side of Milwaukee. Great memories from closing it many times, many, many moons ago. -, 08/09/2002

Have heard about this legendary place for at least 5 years from a friend of mine who is a native of Kenosha. I can honestly say that all the build up could not have described the ambiance we experienced. Out bartender, PJ, was the best and recommended some new favorite shots. The music, pool table, and overall feel of the place is not able to be described in this small passage. Can't wait to come back again! It was well worth the incredibly long trip from Jacksonville, Florida. - Greg J, 07/24/2002

hey guys! thanks for a great weekend (i think) i mean from what i remember it was a great st patty's day pub crawl. i really appreciated the box of lucky charm's and mr wolski is quite the kisser! - Carrie Giardino, Boston, MA, 03/20/2002

Too many memories to share...Scotty was the best bartender in the city.... pjbjaj are you out there?? PJ is an awesome beer slinger too! How are the usual suspects? Still hangin about 3 ish on weekdays? Advice... If you are a Wolskis Virgin it is a Milwaukee must see... See PJ soon... Father Petey -, 11/03/2001

January 1982; 26 below; plus wind chill; I met my wife at Wolski's. She's long gone, but I have a dog named Wolski helping to keep the memories going (of Wolski's). - John, Lafayette, California, 10/19/2001

Thanks for the non-memories! No, let me take that back, I visited one time during the day when no one was around and was able to stay sober enough to rmember it! I bought a hat (Wolski's - danger, romance, intruque), a number of bumper stickers, etc. All the other times, it was mostly a blur - thanks again. - McHolehog Spokane, Wa Former Milwaukeeit, 09/10/2001

The wait is over !! Just type into your browser and come visit Milwaukee's favorite neighborhood tavern online. That's right, the Bondar Brothers are finally in cyber-space. Catch up on the latest happenings, submit your own words of wisdom and order merchandise online. Often imitated never duplicated, Wolskis that is. -, 03/19/2001

I've been here 9 years and it doesn't get any better than this. Stop by and say hello and tell me a story I haven't heard. Love, P.J. - pjbjaj, 02/09/2001

The best bar in the world. I've had an 'I closed Wolksi's' bumper sticker on my keyboard case for a decade; you'd be amazed how many people in this country know about Wolski's. - Randy from Texas, 01/12/2001

After living in Minneaoplis for five years, it's great to still be able to go to a real bar. It's my favorite bar on earth! - Nick, 11/25/2000

Hey there...My Favorite Bar in my adopted home town! It's not the same since they replaced the floor about 9 years ago. Anyone remeber the old floor? - Jack--Philly PA, 11/25/2000

My brother loved your pub & got me the bumper stickers I proudly hang in my shop. Grampa Theofel was a baker from Lodz, Anyone from my tribe out there? - Pete Wolski, SE Mass., 11/03/2000

One of Milwaukee's Great Landmarks!!! -, 10/03/2000

I'm just proud to carry the same name.I will visit from Moscow,Pa. Yvonne Wolski - Yvonne Wolski, Pa., 08/31/2000

Happened across this site by accident... nice little page. Bery (or is it Berny to most? I forget), Mike and Dennis still there? Jill stopped in to say goodbye before we moved. I noticed O'Reilly's had disappeared the last time I was on the Eastside...I thought they'd never die. Nice to see you're still around. -, 08/09/2000

I wanted to know if maybe you could send me pictures of the shirts and other acsesories that have your fabulous logo on them? Here is my e-mail address Thanks much, Christina Wolski - Christina Wolski, 07/23/2000

Hey,great picture of Wolski's. I wondered where I left my bike! - Sean Corry, 06/16/2000

I've been around the world and back but no bar, club, or pub compares to Wolskis! It makes be proud to say that I grew up in Milwaukee. - Kris, 01/24/2000

Looking for Wolski's that settled in the Buffalo NY area 1890's~1920's. My Grandfather's name was Andrew, I believe he had brothers. A phone call got me the message 'I'm from the other side!' any help! - Vince Wolski, 12/17/1999

Wolski's National presence: I noticed a 'I'd rather be at Wolski's' bumper sticker at the original 'Cheers' bar (used for the outside shots in the TV show) in Boston. - John Marden, 06/04/1999

been there, closed it. good time was had by all. do you have any hats to sell? - susona maxx, 06/02/1999

What happened to Paul Kennedy? Dan Kirk wants to know. - Pat Connelly, 05/24/1999

Has it really been 8 years since I was in Wolski's? I'm still using my Wolski's bottle opener and my local bar in Houston still has the 'I Closed Wolski's' bumper sticker displayed. Now if I could only still fit in that Wolski's sweatshirt! - David Morris-Houston TX, 04/22/1999

Best corner bar in the world! Hard to find and proud of it. - Scott, 02/10/1999

Wolski's Tavern , Milwaukee

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